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Feb 19, 2020
Teachers Of Ipakodo Senior Grammer School Ikorodu & Organizers

It was a day of pure empowerment for the students of both Ipakodo Senior Grammer School & United High School Ikorodu simultenously
carried out by the Lagos Youth Ambassadors (IKORODU DIVISION) as they launch their 2020 school outreach.
The program was put together to basically orientate the youths & teenagers on the best ways to discipline themselves and actualize
their dreams as they persue their eductional studies. And the initiative is also projected to guide the young ones on the Risks that is
embedded in Living a Dangerous Life.

Teachers & Organizers at United High School Ikorodu

As INN became laser focused on IPAKODO SENIOR GRAMMAR SCHOOL the Team was warmly welcomed by its Principal Mr Akeem Bello
& in no delays the program kicked off with the convener Mr. Adewale Jackson Ayika (who passed out from the school 10 years prior) setting
the pace by advising the pupils to pay attention and endeavor stay attentive to the empowerment sections.
He gave crystal clear reason why every students must stay away from YAHOO or CYBER-CRIMES as a means of getting rich. “Wealth acquired
through deceit will not last, So as you grow to become great in Life, Be contented with whatever you have now”, Said Jackson.

Mr. Jackson Adewale Ayika (Convener)

Ms. Odunsanya Adetoun (a Facilitator) thought the students on avoiding examination Malpractice by creating more time to focus on their
studies. She explained that pupils who indulge in cheating to make grades mostly lost their self confidence as they forge ahead in Life.
“As a student you must take out time to engage more in your studies, this will help you improve in your intellectual capacity” said Adetoun.

Ms. Adetoun Odunsanya

Mr. Innocent (Founder Of Milecent Foundation) saturated the program with his topic “Teenage Pregnancy” a dentrimental challenge for the
society. He meticulously engaged the pupils on ways to avoid teenage pregnancy as it does not only affects the families involved but also
goes a long way to become problematic to the community, as it projects negative child upbringing and lack of family planning.
He explained that poverty, lack of education & Peer pressure are major causes of teenage pregnancy.

Mr. Innocent (MileCent Foundation)

Ms Lawal Keji another facilitator on deck addressed the need for young lads to avoid indecent dressing because it attracts negative energy.
“Every teenagers & youths should reject copying every trend on social media most especially the entertainment circuit, It will not end well
for you” says Keji. “If you want to be a marlian you must be prepare to accept the challenges that comes with it, it does not end with the music
and i believe you know this already”, she said to the quiet skeptical pupils of Ipakodo senior grammar school.

Ms. Lawal Keji

Ms. Kolejo Fathia explained the dangers of Cultism that is practiced today in our society and also the consequences of using hard drugs.
“whenever you pair yourself with friends who are being too secretive and do not exemplify good lifestyle, You must quickly understand
what is going on and ensure not to get involve in any form of gangster-ism. Do they drink, smoke or take drugs when they are not sick
in anyway. You must know not to entangle yourself with a gang of friends that means no good for your life”, said Fathia. “Be a good ambassador
by telling them the truth because you should know the difference between good and bad”, She concluded.

Ms Kolejo Fathia

Emmanuel Igbasanmi (General Manager World Of Dance Entertainment (WODE), Interacted with the pupils on how they can take a profitable
decision if they plan to be successful in Life.
“You Must obey your parents, Follow positive instructions and know God better as a guide for your decisions to yield good fruits”, He said.

Igbasanmi Emmanuel (General Manager, World Of Dance Entertainment (WODE)

The Principal of the school Mr. Akeem Bello thanked the organizers of the program, applauding their efforts, he then challenged every students
present at the teaching to see themselves as ambassadors of the school and be ready to teach their other colleagues who are not present from
the up coming weeks. “When you make it in life with Dignity through good labor, You would be bold enough to go back and inspire the
younger ones with your accomplishments in Life”, Mr. Bello Concluded.

Mr Akeem Bello (Principal Ipakodo Senior Grammar School Ikorodu)
Students Of Ipakodo Senior Grammer School Ikorodu

Articles Created: 19th February 2020


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