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God Said The Prayers Of The Saints Has Come Before His Throne & In The Midst Of This COVID-19 Pandemic He is Going To Give Wisdom To Those That Ask Him For The Solution


Mar 31, 2020


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INN: Looking at how the medical practitioners are scouting round for solution to this pandemic what can you say concerning the different approaches made?

Screenshot_20200331-211406Bishop Festus: I am a prophet of the most high God and I will say what he told me wether it is liked or not. God said the prayers of the saints has come before his throne and he is set to give wisdom to those who comes to him for solution over this CoVid-19 pandemic.

God will eventually give a solution to the global medical institutions, But to completely eradicate this virus, it is the prayers of the saints that will do that.

The medical practitioners are searching for solution but they forget that when God created the world there was no virus in it, It means even with their knowledge they still need to go back to the creator for remedy to this plague.

INN: Is it that there is a kind of price tag attached to this in the world of science, And the scientists are all lost in the shuffle of becoming the next genius?

Screenshot_20200331-211628Bishop Festus: Listen here, Now it is about glory, People are working round the clock to get the remedy and collect the glory, That is not how God works, God humbles those who are proud, Let them humble themselves and look up to God because he already has the solution to this.

We are already praying tirelessly and God is hearing, all they need to do now for those in that field is to seek him for answers and get it as soon as possible, he is ready to give them.

God showed me things in a vision and made it clear on how he will direct man on those methods they will follow to create an antivirus medication to this problem. It is now obvious that if we follow God carefully and rightfully God is even ready to give a complete cure to sicknessess like HIV AIDS, Cancers and what have you, God will not give you measures to treat a particular problem till you die, God comes in and give permanent solution, But because we don’t put our predicaments before him, all we are now doing is just a trial by error.

Screenshot_20200331-211311All he want is for us to reference him, He is a God that must be feared, Man has grown soo big and we now feel we have all it takes to put God at the back burner. And that can never happen. You can see that they never expected this kind of casualties, It was taken for granted at the beginning thinking that Notting can go this wrong. But take a look at the number of deaths, the number of infected persons worldwide. 

I am happy to see now that people are becoming more prayerful in the world today, it means we are bringing ourselves back to order, it means we are now ready to humble ourselves before the most high God because we have failed him, it means we are realising now that we need God to intervene in this problem and believe me when I say this, God will intervene very soon, you will hear the good news soon.

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