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No Mosque Should Violate Social Gathering Rules! ~ Chief Imam Yahya O Oshoala Ajagbemokeferi


Apr 2, 2020

20200402_191802-COLLAGEAfter a 3 day Lock down in Ikorodu, the situation is been lightened up alittle and few movements is seen, We decided to pay the chief Imam of the Oriwu Central Mosque Ikorodu a visit to know about the changes soo far and how the Muslim communities are adapting to the new system.

INN: So far it’s already 3 days into the lock down, what has been the experience.

Chief Imam: We just have to thank the almighty Allah for everything we have and where we are today. It is not easy but they say in every situation we must thank Allah. This is actually a change that we never planned for, that is why it is tough for us but we really thank the almighty Allah.

You can tell that the Lagos state government is working hard currently to fix the situation.Screenshot_20200402-184334

Lagos state has always been blessed with pro active governors from inception, the time of Jakande, Otedola, Tinubu, Fashola and to the current governor Sanwo-Olu, if not for that our story would have been something else now.

The only challenge we have now is just the lack of preparation, But I believe Allah will help us to overcome this challenge.
INN: What can you say about the case we heard yesterday that A mosque violated the social gathering act that was implemented by the government in this time of CoVid-19 crisis?
Chief Imam: It can only be pure ignorance for someone to violate the rules of the government at this time.
Even the Koran states that we must Obey Allah, Obey our Prophet and also our leaders which Is the government.
It is not expected for any Muslim brethren to disobey this instruction, Even a layman should know better. As you can see now Kahbha is the biggest mosque in the world but it has been closed down, In history I have never had of a contemplation about Hajj taking place this year or not, but this year we are hearing about it.Screenshot_20200402-184247

If such a calamity that is befalling the whole world, a war without weapon that is plaguing the entire world, And we are instructed that the solution is for us to stay at home and self isolate, But people are refusing? Why are they refusing to?.

At a time in the holy koran something happened when the holy prophet Muhammad told the people to call Hassan, after calling the Hassan, They were all told that everyone should pray in their homes.
Pray in your houses and stay indoors for a period of time, it can’t be anymore clearer.
They need to be educated because we cherish Islam. It has started and we should obey the Authorities for quick response.

INN: One more advice before we go Sir.

Chief Imam: We should all go by the dictate of the government and in this period let us begin to show love and support to others.
You don’t need to have everything first before you share. Give and make the world go round.Screenshot_20191201-012355~2


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