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Living Faith Church International (Winners Chapel) Supports The National Centre For Disease Control Abuja!


Apr 3, 2020

It was just some few days back we covered the brief of the church supplying Ambulances and other medical items to the State Officials of both Ogun & Lagos State to support the government and combat ConVid-19 pandemic in Nigeria.Screenshot_20200403-150324

Today the church took another supportive step towards combating the pandemic by extending it’s generosity towards the National Centre For Disease Control in Abuja, by donating more medical materials to improve the agency’s capacity to ascertain the progress in dealing with cases as regards CoVid-19.Screenshot_20200403-150449

On behalf of the church the items was presented by Bishop Mike Aremu & Pastor Abraham Olufemi Ojeme with prayers and encouragement to the officials for their good will in catering for the lives of citizens across the nation.Screenshot_20200403-150334

Abuja which is the federal capital territory of Nigeria was among the state shut down by President Muhammadu Buhari on his first public address to the nation due to the number of infected persons in the state.

“Faith without work is dead, As we pray we are also taking practical steps to defeat CoVid-19”, The  words of the church’s general overseer Bishop David O. Oyedepo as he unveils the information via social media.

Just yesterday the Corona Virus also known as CoVid-19 hits the One million mark of the number of people infected of the virus worldwide and with over 52,000 deaths, it has not shown any sign of slowing down which makes the words of Bishop David O. Oyedepo vital to this regards.Screenshot_20200403-150619



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