3 Oct 2023


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What We Hear Informs Us But What We See Transforms Us, Revelation From God’s Word Makes Us See God’s Plan For Our Lives Which Gives Us The Capacity To Handle Our Destiny & Take Dominion Of Our Health ~ Bishop David O. Oyedepo

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Screenshot_20200405-111419Understand our heritage of dominion over every sicknessess and diseases. Isaiah 2:1

We are sons and daughters of God by redemption but we manifest our sonship & by revelation.
Whatever ever came on man as a plague on the first Adam has been enrased by the second Adam (Jesus Christ). Isaiah 62:6-7

The value of salvation can only be realised through revelation. With revelation we can know the value of redemption. 2Peter 1:3. There is a spiritual understanding of the truth which is given to us by revelation. Genesis 1:29-30.

Redemption is the transformation from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of Light. Colossians 1:13. No devil is permitted to steal our health as we have been transformed into the kingdom of Light. Ephesians 5:8.
The dominion of light over darkness is instant and unquenchable.
We have the right as children of God to walk as the carriers for light.

Redemption has positioned us above the principalities and powers that tortures the glorious destiny of man. Ephesians 1:20-21
When your light breaks forth then the darkness clears off. Proverbs 4:21.
There is Notting wrong with medications but why not have it for free when it has been fully paid for by Christ Jesus. 1 Corinthians 6:20

How does the Word empowers us over every sicknessess and diseases.

When you see then you are entitled to possess, but when you see very well you are in command of that possession. Genesis 13:15

We cannot take delivery to what we have not yet discovered. Acts 20:32. Ecclesiastes 11:7.
1John 1:1-3 which have literally reduced the this pandemic to what we hear alone.

The word quickens our human body for health and vitality. John 6:63, Isaiah 34:16. Isaiah 58:8. When the light of God enters our lives then our health springs forth speedily.

The word transmits Divine nature which is immune to sickness and diseases. John 1:1-5. Divine nature resides in the word of God which can only be access by revelation.

Revelation is a divine insight of the truth. 1Thessalonians 5:27. Ecclesiastes 9:10. 2Peter 1:4. Proverbs 4:20-22. Romans 5:17-21.
Redemption connotes restoration of our human dignity. Isaiah 53:3-4.

When we access the revelation of God’s word in redemption we are:
Enhancing our dominion
Enriching our dominion
Expanding our dominion

Dominion over sicknessess and diseases is not an achievement but a birthright as children of redemption.

Never let the truth loss value in your sight because it is the present of the truth in the word of God that brings triumphant victory.20200405_132504-COLLAGE

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