5 Oct 2023


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Our State Government Is Trying But Our Local Government Must Upgrade Their Performances ~ Hon Oluwatosin Onamade

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Screenshot_20200409-202336Honorable Oluwatosin Onamade is an Indigene and Stakeholder in Ijede local government area of Ikorodu, As a veteran in the political spectrum and a pace setter Ikorodu News Network had a brief sitting with him to talk about his LCDA, Corona Virus pandemic, and the local government role in times of crisis.

INN: In Lagos State how do you Position IKORODU?

Hon Onamade: Ikorodu is one of the largest LGA in Lagos state and It cannot be compared with Ikeja, Surulere, Lagos Island etc. We are unique in our space, Culture and activities.
With different government comes different approaches in ascertaining the direction of a region and I can say Governor Sanwo-Olu is working hard to better the state which can be reflected in Ikorodu if we have capable leaders on ground to finish the implementation.

INN: No Doubt this government is working hard, But when it comes down to the local government, Doesn’t it take a strong grassroots leadership to feel the effect of good governance?Screenshot_20200409-202556

Hon Onamade: The state government is trying but I believe our local government is not living up to expectations in some strategic areas.

When you want to spot out a local government that is performing then look out for innovations and empowerment, look out for positive structuring of the LCDA’s, community development must be fully felt.

We are not saying everyone must operate on the same frequency, but when executing good governance it does not take time for the people to feel your impact.

As a matter of fact you can see what governor Sanwo-Olu is doing in just a very short period, People are beginning to praise him as a good leader, but don’t forget he has a very good team and advisers which makes things easy and effective for him to enhance his leadership.

Let me come down to my local government, I am going to be concerned about Ikorodu Constituency 2.
Hon Saka Solaja our house of assembly leader Representating us here is not a man of high-Service, he works in silence and does not scream to the world on his efforts and accomplishments.
But look around and ask me if you have seen any elders, Obas, or chieftains complaining about his work so far.
Even to the churches and mosques are not worried about his work here.

There was a time he empowered one of our indigene that lost his parent with a scholarship of a million naira to support his schooling, this is not in the papers or on social media to advertise his works.Screenshot_20200409-202446

I have heard some people complaining that Hon Solaja is not doing well. They are just complaining without any petition filed so we can see the area they are complaining about. I believe he is doing well, but I am not pleased with what is going on in Ijede local government. Because the local government must be the linkage between the masses and the state government and I want to urge our local government to improve on their performances.

Let me repeat this again, Local government are the closest to the grassroots people, But the local government is not tapping on their base at this time.

INN: So what is your advice To the Local Government then?

Hon Onamade: Listen to the people, be the voice of the people, look at the crisis we are facing now. Even with the relief supplies going on, more people are still complaining. Where is the disconnect? They should work together with the communityScreenshot_20200409-202300

My advice is for official to also support the people with beverages. When you support people then they should be able to use it well. If you support people with food stuffs that will cost them to prepare before consumption how does that sound? Some people doesn’t have gas, some don’t have stove while others are using firewood.

Let’s go to the sanitization of our public places, Why would the local government sanitize market when they can instruct the market association to come together and orchestrate means to sanitize the market. Look at our public schools, these are areas the local government should support in sanitizing

I advice the state government to continue in sensitisation. The situation of this country is very unique. Through the CDA and the local government the people should be well informed.

The local government must support the people without bias, you can never tell because the heart of man is desperately wicked for no reason, the state allocated the stimulus package with good intent but the officials handling it will first satisfy their own before reaching out to the real needy.

INN: What can you say will be the aftermath of CoVid-19 Pandemic?Screenshot_20200409-203619

Hon Onamade: Look at the challenges we are facing, that is why when the speaker of the house said Ikeja electric should give us light for two months, That was a great move made by him because everyone is staying at home indefinitely without light, it’s a nightmare.

There will be alot of challenges facing our economy after this pandemic.

The reason Nigeria will have alot of challenges post CoVid-19 though I don’t want to sound negative is because of our lack of preparation in handling crisis like this. We were never prepared.

Those medical facilities been built by the state government now should have been put in place.

We should be preparing ahead of time to combat challenges like this.
Let’s begin to prepare for the day of reckon.
INN: The Chinese doctors are already here trying to support our doctors to combat ConVid-19 pandemic, Do support the move?

Hon Onamade: I don’t think we need the Chinese doctors that came into this country to support. I support governor Sanwo-Olu because he is already doing a good job. We should keep managing our structure and health industry. Our medical practitioners are really trying and they don’t get credit for their efforts.Screenshot_20200409-203713

We just saw 44 persons discharged which means we are working even though the infections is adding numbers.
I think there is no need for the Chinese government to send their personnels. But I am certain that very soon we shall overcome this virus and everyone can return back to life as it use to be.


INN: Before we go Sir, what can you say about Accountant General’s office that caught fire?

Hon Onamade: are we suspecting the scenario? Any information that is needed can be retrieved for God sake. This is the accountant general of the Federal Government we are talking about, it is just papers that got burnt and not their digital information.20200409_205920-COLLAGE

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