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To All Lagosians Under The CDC & CDA Communities In Lagos State ~ LASG


Apr 20, 2020

Screenshot_20200416-170130An Information from Lagos state Governor, Lagos state Government, And all the Security Agencies Across the state have Pass a Health and Security Conscious Bill for all Lagosian, Since last week, meetings have been held with all CDC and CDA Executives to convey an Important messages to Business owners, traders and People in their Community.

Due to the increase cases of the Pandemic COVID-19 in Lagos state drastic measure is been taken to curtail the spread of this virus. 

And also as of last week there have been a Large Arm Robbery cases in some areas in Lagos state which has made the Lagos state Government and all security Agency to take Proactive Measure to Prevent and combat all sorts of Crimes across the state.

This are the New Directive from the Lagos state Government and the Lagos state Governor

1 Streets Football and other Games, and workout in large group or small groups are Prohibited in the streets or in sport centers Like large field Situated in Local Primary and Secondary school fields, Stadiums,Mini stadiums and any kind of Open Field which could serve for Sporting Purposes.

2 Business Owners and Traders should Stop all Business Transactions either Buying or Selling By 9:45pm Every day

3 Food Vendors that Run Restuarant or Road side fast food like e.g Snacks ,Noodles, Akara and Bread e.t.c and other fast consumable Food should not exceed 9:45pm of business closure, and also businesses of selling food should be a Sell out transactions, Customers are not allowed to stay and eat or be within the Restuarant or its Premises they should buy their foods and leave the Restuarant or fast food Joint Premises immediately.

4 Beer Palour, Tarvin or Night clubs should not accommodate any customers for now. Beer Palour Owners should advise all their customers to take their Drinks Home or better still they should call out for home services for this drinks to be sold to their Customer at Home.

5 Barber Shops and Beauty care Salons shouldn’t accommodate Customers more than 4 Persons in his or her Barber or Beauty Care Salon Depending on the Size of the Shop.

6 Large Relevant or Irrelevant gatherings Exceeding 7 Persons are Prohibited

7 Stay Indoors
Take note the Lagos State Government and the Governor of lagos state Mr Sanwoolu have your best interest at hearts, Every Supportive Measures that will make you all Comfortable at home while we fight this pandemic is under way. Please let Adhere to this directive to safe our lives and that of our Loved ones.Screenshot_20200419-210137

Any Persons who doesn’t Adhere to the Above Government Directive will face the full Penalty of the Law with fines and community services. No CDC or CDA Executives will take Responsibilities of your ignorance

We stand against COVID-19,We Fight Against COVID-19 We Will Win COVID-19. 

Stay Safe, Stay indoors, Wash Your hands Regularly, Protect yourselves, and Protect others, Stay alive.

Thank you Lagosians
This Message is from the Lagos state Government, Lagos state Governor, All security Agency, The CDC and the CDA.Screenshot_20200416-170130


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5 thoughts on “To All Lagosians Under The CDC & CDA Communities In Lagos State ~ LASG”
  1. Thanks Sir,for very soon, all will turn to history in Jesus name.Sir urgently needs your assistant.Access bank.0035639871.Olasuyi Kemi.Remain bless sir.Peace for life in Lagos State in Jesus name.

  2. Thank you Lagos State Government
    The community security is very important to us, the Corona viruse is not issue, stay indoors with hungry stomach is bigger issue, please I m pleading for for our state Governor to helps With food stuff to our community Ipoyenwa , Mojoda , Araromi, Adamo community, and there’s no police station or Police post in our large community, for 3 month now nobody sleep at night because of killing and robbery, braking of shops,
    Please help us Ikorodu Adamo Ipoyenwa CDA
    Incase of help at time like this, my account number, 0018044030 access bank

  3. Hello sir pls hungry av nearly kill me an my family no were to go sir pls I need ur help oooooo no money to eat si,r any assistance sir, Sterling bank 0069609508 (adebanjo fawas A)God bless you sir & ma as u help me

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