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Hon SOB Agunbiade Encourages Muslim Brethrens & Activates The Distribution Of Relief Packages


Apr 28, 2020

Screenshot_20200422-102807Our 10th Ramadan Lecture

Were it not for the battle against CoVid-19 that has imposed social distancing as a precaution at this period, we would have been preparing for the 10th edition of our annual Ramadan Lecture and Iftar( feeding of faithful).

We had proposed May 6th for the lecture themed: “Powerless conscience in the hands of conscience Less power” to be delivered by the seasoned Islamic Lecturer Sheik (Dr) abdul lateef Abdu Akeem.IMG-20200428-WA0010~2

The theme was borne out of inspiration to encourage every victim of power game or arbitrary use of power, (in all forms) not to despair as God is always bending the knee of conscience-less power for powerless conscience. Examples are replete in the Holy Quran.

Sadly this lecture will not hold in congregation because we have to observe social distancing, I resolved therefore to post the theme for our individual appraisal and see how it applies to us and our state in life.IMG-20200428-WA0012~3

More so, that everyone has one form of power or another, we need to ponder and check how we apply our conscience to the power we hold and use. Does our use of power recognise humanity, equity, justice and fair play or do we use our power indiscriminately, assuming the seemingly status of God who ONLY cannot be questioned yet exceptionally considerate in his use of supernatural powers on

Therefore, be you head of community, head of family, captains of industries, head of institutions, associations or groups in different shades, I enjoin you to apply good conscience to the power you hold and use bearing in mind that all powers are mere privileges from God.IMG-20200428-WA0013~2

In spite of the difficulties of this time, I assure that this year’s Iftar will still be activated, but as a special package for Muslim faithful and second round of personally procured relief packs for our non Muslim brothers and sisters.

We shall also use the opportunity to distribute the cartoons of covid relief received from the Lagos State Government for my constituency.IMG-20200428-WA0009~2

As this package is loading, I wish all of us God’s abundant blessings, protection cast in steel and enduring grace, this Ramadan and beyond.

Stay blessed and continue to keep safe.

Hon. Agunbiade S.O.BIMG-20200405-WA0023~2


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