6 Dec 2023


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My Goal Is To Project Transformational leadership To Our People ~ Hon Oluwatosin Onamade

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img 20200428 wa0005 I have traveled around some certain parts of the World and harnessed a whole lot of experiences, I have studied and mixed up with brilliant minds on top notch issues and challenges that can systematically absorb the growth nature of an Economy.

IMG-20200428-WA0005~2I have traveled around some certain parts of the World and harnessed a whole lot of experiences, I have studied and mixed up with brilliant minds on top notch issues and challenges that can systematically absorb the growth nature of an Economy.

I choose my path of profession as an Economist & a Public Administrator, Also branched into understanding the art of a Mortician professionally.

When I came back home one of the first thing I told myself was to set a standard that can measure to my level of knowledge and accrued wisdom. I was eager to stay on a separate path and carve out a niche for myself.IMG-20200502-WA0016~2

But it got to a point I realised that if I followed that route I will have a disconnect with my people. I reflected on my community, my region, my mass.

The ones who until this very day does not have the kind of opportunity God gave to me, The ones who are not even schooled in any discipline not to talk about being exposed to the basic norms and projections that can keep a locality on a developmental stretch.

At this point I was so humbled in my Spirit because to be definite some people are doomed with lack of education so there is no way they can even apply any measure of knowledge to contribute to the society nor are they enlightened enough to be able to grasp their simple civic responsibilities or rights and what the community is expecting from them.

Are you surprised about my piece on Cultism? That was one of the factors that aroused my spirit, why should our Young ones loss focus of a bright future that awaits them and thus they become a waste products to our community?Screenshot_20200409-202336

I became weak in my spirit understanding that we are not together to foster the adequate growth and development needed.

All the people comprehend is money! If you give them money then you are a friend, but if you don’t then you are the enemy. Which implies that we can leave in a dented environment and a tortured society with no cause for alarm as long as we get timely gratifications.

Who therefore is a Leader?


A Leader shouldn’t be considered as the money giver.

A leader is not the one that tells you what you need to hear in order to fulfill all righteousness.

A leader is not the number one person to make the people satisfied without telling them the truth.


A Leader is the one that serves the people regardless of their purpose which would eventually change their hearts

A Leader is the one that shoulders the blame if need be to advance the growth and development of the population

A Leader is a success in definition personally, career wise and professionally, this is what transforms the people he presides over.Screenshot_20200409-202556

Now in all sense of the word……………

I long for a day we start seeing the emergence of leaders that people don’t praise because of the huge amount of money they spend, but the level of personal empowerment their life carries.

I long for a day where we don’t need to look for help elsewhere because we don’t have effective leaders that can take us to the next level of advancement strategically.

This is why my goal is to work towards a Leadership Of Transformation. A Leadership that can synergies with different institutions and organisations to attract economic success to our community.

I aim to see how our children will begin to see us as better role models that can shape their thought patterns and not make them wind up as nuisance to the our region.

We must bring together the Leaders of our religious bodies to help them further their faith courses, which will eventually transform the lives of their followers and help our community in return.

We must begin to create a profitable platform both for indigenes and non indigenes to make them see reasons to invest their skills, talents, money and resources to the betterment of our community.Screenshot_20200409-202300

This is what I believe the lens of a leader should look like. Seeing things from the perspective of general elevation.

As leaders We don’t know what the Future holds for our people but one thing is certain, History will make our people hold us accountable for everything we have done whether positive or negative, decisively or in our indecisiveness.

We must now begin to get things right as leaders because the world is changing fast and like they say a good name is always better than an expensive perfume.

This shouldn’t be perceived as criticism, but a wake up call for all our Leaders to begin to do what is right for the interest of our people. We have come a long way of sufferance and things must now take a turn for the right.20200503_081537-COLLAGE

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