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Our Government Has Failed To Be Responsible! ~ Bishop Festus Omomajemu

Apr 29, 2020


One of the Spiritual Leaders Ikorodu News Network spoke with before the State wide lockdown was effected was Bishop Festus Omomajemu the self proclaimed youngest Bishop in Africa.

It was only certain we had to sit down with him to talk about the challenges, Experience and position of the State after 4weeks of Self Isolation.

This time around like we never expected it was hot, tensed and emotional.20200429_091024-COLLAGE

“You cannot stop the People from going to the market, But you are stopping people from Coming together to pray to their God”?

These were the words from the Bishop of The True Covenant Gospel Church Of God, Prophet Festus Omomajemu.

INN: But don’t you think the Lockdown has actually helped us so far from the grief consequences of this pandemic than we are experiencing now?

 Bishop Festus: Give us guidelines and as a church we shall measure it up and create a safe environment for all our worshippers,

How can you deny the people from gathering to pray to their God at this times when the scientists are not meeting up to expectations, How can you shutdown the house of God simply because you think we are mostly vulnerable?, Why not show us how to take care of our congregations?. You can see that the numbers is increasing by the day, your formulas are not working and you want us to stay quiet?.

It shows how religious we are as Nigerians, Because i believe that in this fashion we are not going anywhere!.

INN: In order words what are you implying now Sir?20200429_090943-COLLAGE

Bishop Festus: It simply means If Nigeria citizens in this country can listen to God the way they are listening to the government it means by now we would have been greater as a Nation.

INN: State Governor urged everyone with corpse at the mortuary to come pick it up for burial if not there would be mass burial, What’s your take on that?

Bishop Festus: Yes! Because people are dying everyday now, Not just because there is CoVid-19. People are dying daily on the increase presently but they are beginning to be conscious of it, Why do you think the Governor has permitted people to come out and pick up their dead bodies from the mortuary for burials? if not there will be mass burial for the bodies? Because people are dying? Our people are dying now!.
Hunger is now complicating life issues for people and their health can pack up due to the stress. I pray that as it was said by the President, From next week people should be allowed to begin some basic economic activities that will start putting food on their tables as long as there are measures in place to protect their health.20200429_090925-COLLAGE

INN: As a General Overseer I must say this has really affected you personally due to your reaction concerning this situation.

Bishop Festus: Listen! As Children of God I believe it is now actually eluding our minds that God told Pharoah to Let his people go so they can serve him. We are alive today because of the grace of God and serving him in his vineyard in an important part of the Christian Community, The Muslim as well, they should be told how to guide their followers even in this time of fasting, We can easily observe the 2 metres distance between members, we can ensure the hand Sanitizers and Nose masks is available, we can actually break our services into 3 or 4 sections to prevent mass gatherings, But it is absolutely wrong for the children of God not to come to his vineyard on Sunday.20200429_091132-COLLAGE

The devil wants to use this medium to take the power of prayer from God’s people. We can pray at home but there are tarbanacle of God where we must meet and pray too.

INN: In the midst of this crisis what have the church done for your members?

Bishop Festus: Well we thank God for his faithfulness, We now conducts our services and pass our messages online through the internet, Though sometimes when we gather to pray here people that lives around this neighbourhood comes to join us, even those who has never been here before, but we follow the government instructions and our number don’t exceed the 20 individual benchmark.

We are also supporting our members currently with food supplies and Relief Packages to keep them at home and safe from frustration and worries, We pray that God will continue to give us the grace to continue meeting with their needs in this trying times.20200429_091056-COLLAGE

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