29 Mar 2023

4 thoughts on “Our Government Has Failed To Be Responsible! ~ Bishop Festus Omomajemu

  1. True talk sir God bless you for Nigeria government don’t know the right thing sir please my daddy in the Lord tell them the truth sir so that they can wake up instead of government to ask for prayer everywhere they are doing what is not we need prayer is only God that can save us fist thank you sir God bless you Amen

  2. Well-done sir..More Power and Anointing..it is said when everyone is silent over an issue it implies support,it’s really baffling how especially the religious leaders can be quiet or be this passive,as long as they or their families are ok.i believe consideration should be given regarding worship places,taking into cognisance the 1.5meter apart,use of face mask,so that people can serve their God.we seem to like to just deceive ourselves..we open the markets..can anyone curtail the number of people that will be in the market yet we say we are preventing the spread,I won’t be surprised if the number of infection triples.
    And to top it all,we are a country with no empathy,daily traders should sit at home,yet no provisions,even the monthly earners,what measures have the government put in place to really help it’s citizen,yet we commend ourselves that we are trying..very disheartening.
    Thank you again sir for being a Voice at a time like this,I hope our religious leaders who we look on to will wake up from their slumbers.

  3. More anointing Sir, you have speak the heart of people, and I believe consideration should be done for people to worship God collectively. Because our nation need’s prayer for Gods intervention on this covid19 issue.
    Thank you Sir, more anointing and power to you Bishop Omomajemu.
    God bless you.

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