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Hon Oluwatosin Onamade Distributes Palliative Packages To Ijede Axis, Abule-Eko & OkeLetu In IJEDE LCDA Ikorodu


May 1, 2020

20200501_102138-COLLAGE20200501_082843-COLLAGEFor every support made to the vulnerable it seems never enough as the rate of hunger in the community sees no end Today.Screenshot_20200430-195335

As part of the government efforts to cater for the needy in these times of health crisis, Hon Oluwatosin Onamade Distributes Palliative Packages To Ijede Axis Abule-Eko OkeLetu In IJEDE LCDA Ikorodu and met a very expectant residents.20200430_181537-COLLAGE

Ikorodu News Network criss-cross the community alongside supportive team of individuals to make the Palliative Packages available to both indigenes and non indigenes in the region.20200501_094039-COLLAGE

While some were thanking the goodwill intentions of Hon Onamade others were urging him to do more for the region due to the level of hunger and poverty in times like this that has kept everyone indoors.

As the Relief Packages were going out the urgency increased and it became obvious when people across the Communities  trooped into the Western Cemetery which is managed by Hon Onamade asking for more supplies.IMG_20200430_151055

“Though at the beginning of this pandemic we have carried out a special support measure for the people, this is actually the second time we are reaching out to them because no matter what we give it is never enough. But the good thing is we must continue to support our people as God continues to supply us” Said Hon Onamade.20200430_181649-COLLAGE

“I want to use this medium to appreciate leaders and Stakeholders in Ikorodu who has been Supporting the venerable people and making a difference one way or the other, Let us continue in this light and make Ikorodu a better place for all,” He added.

In Ikorodu division alot of leaders, Groups and institutions this period has been trying their best to support every Communities across the board which is a sign of growth and generosity in the land.IMG_20200430_133733IMG_20200430_145018


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