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As A Leader You Must Keep Your ‘FEEDBACK’ Channels Open To Validate Your Efforts ~ Hon Oluwatosin Onamade


May 9, 2020

IMG-20200426-WA0004~2It is in this period you can easily know the heart of any leader around you.

While some people are selling their properties gradually, Some are stocking their refrigerator with items that can feed a whole street for one week.

Some are living from hand to mouth without any idea of what tomorrow would bring, while others are already prepared should incase another Nationwide lockdown is executed by President Muhammadu Buhari GCFR.

It is a stage of life that we must reflect upon soberly today as it shows the true nature of how fragile and vulnerable we are in battling the invisible enemy(CoVid-19).

There is so little we can do to provide and support our communities in terms of Relief Packages to quench their hunger and hardships, There is so much we can do to enlighten our people on the dangers of living without safety measures while we have a pandemic on our hands to deal with.

In the past weeks me and my volunteers has be criss crossing Ijede LCDA for reasons of meeting the needs of our people at different levels, areas and mediums. One thing has been obvious to us. There is a disconnect between our government and the people most especially at the local government level.

Take a closer view and realise that ‘Though our people can survive without the government, But they feel left behind most times by the projections of the government’.

It is encouraging to be self dependent and productive, But at the same time what makes a community develop at the speed of light is the synergy between the government and the People.

Our Government offices is occupied by personnels we deem as capable Leaders to advance the development of our communities in all ramifications. But sometimes these leaders fail in their obligations and duties.


How does a leader train himself?
How does he groom himself for Effectiveness?
The biggest instrument for improvement for leaders is FEEDBACK.

While a leader fulfils his responsibilities it must be noted that ‘It would not yield results in some areas while other areas are well taken care of’.

Most of the leaders who fail in the Communities failed just because they cut off the feedback channels somewhere along the line due to either reasons of profit maximization or simply ignorance.

They allowed only positive feedback to come to them & paid little or no attention to the negative Feedbacks which would have enhanced their performance level if need be. Therefore a good leader must create an environment where people give honest feedback.

The feedback channels actually helps a Leader to go back to the drawing board and implement more straightforward strategies to make his efforts impact the vast majority.

The Leader Is to set aside EGO in order to succeed in his line of duties. It takes an humble leader to keep the feedback Channels open for adequate performance.

Learning from others, even though they are juniors or inferior in the chain of command is not a factor to debate in the field of success.

Leadership is for both personal and public betterment. I think by and large leaders can become better if they learn from others with ease.

I am Hon Oluwatosin Onamade from IJEDE LCDA & I want to urge every leader across Ikorodu to keep their feedback channels open in areas & sectors they strife to foster Community development. 

Amidst the criticism the future will always answer greatness for you as you are bent on transforming the lives of our Indigenes & non indigenes.IMG-20200426-WA0004~2


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