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Jun 12, 2020

Screenshot_20200612-095439Today, I join other Nigerians home and abroad to commemorate yet another democracy day, to remember and appreciate our numerous past and present struggles for true democracy.

Today, we must call to mind, the significance of June 12 in the democratic trajectory of  Nigeria. In doing this we must recognise the sacrifice made by individuals, some of whom are unsung heroes because they fought the battle of freedom from obscurity, and without notable head count.Screenshot_20200612-102302

We should pray for the repose of the many souls that were condemned  to untimely graves so that the popular wish of Nigerians, freely expressed across the country on June 12, 1993 could prevail for Nigeria is  extricated  from the wicked clutches of the then military cabals and their heartless civilian collaborators.

Many battles were fought and won, leaving many Nigerians as widows and orphans in the circumstance. Our  streets were painted red with human  blood and littered with body parts of the dead, before we could successfully  push the military back to their customary place, the barracks.Screenshot_20200612-102421

After many years of waiting for someone to give June 12 and it’s lead hero, the late MKO Abiola, and by extension, Nigerians who sacrificed  for democracy, their right place in history, with some past leaders missing the golden opportunity to etch their names in history, President Muhammed Buhari has done that by recognising the watershed in our political history as democracy day.

As we celebrate the day today, we must be asking  ourselves what has become of the orphans and widows of the Matyrs of the June 12 struggles. Where are the unsung Nigerians that were permanently maimed for life? Moshood Abiola and Alhaja Kudrat Abiola, like many others, paid the supreme sacrifice with their children becoming circumstantial orphans in the struggles to actualise our quest for democratic rule in Nigeria. 

Though our desires for freedom from the military may have been actualised, but have these incidents  transformed Nigeria to the country of our dream and that of our heroes past, where every Nigerian has the same opportunities and privileges even though our tribe and tongues differ?

As leaders, as followers we need to examine how we have contributed to the present state of the country. We can’t get it wrong, if we do it right! We need the human Prophet that will help straighten our curves and take us through our  dangerous bends in Nigeria. As the struggle and search continue,  the clamour and struggle for a better Nigeria must equally continue. Once again, God bless Nigeria and God bless Nigerians.Screenshot_20200612-110745


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