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Excerpts From THE IMPACT’s Interview Session With LEKAN OBA (Chairmanship Aspirant, NCYN Lagos State Chapter)


Jun 14, 2020

IMG-20200612-WA0044~2Lekan Biliamin Sulaimon-Oba was born on October 27, 1987 in Ikorodu town to the Sulaimon-Alejo family. He had his elementary school at Umar Bun Alkattab, Kaduna State before proceeding to Oriwu Model College, where he obtained his West African Examination Council certificate with distinctions.
After graduating from the Mass Communication Department, Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Abeokuta, Ogun State, he started his own media outfit, where he consults for individuals and organizations on media and public relations matters.
Oba is currently aspiring for the chairmanship position of NYCN Lagos State Chapter.


IMPACT: For how long have you been the youth leader in the division?

Mr Olalekan: Well I don’t regard myself as a Youth Leader. We are only contributing our quota to our society. Events has a way of choosing it’s Leaders. My primary objective is selfless service and never about the title. We are all partners in Ikorodu project.

IMPACT: For how long now have you assumed the office of the coordinator of NYCN Ikorodu division?

Mr Olalekan: I am not the Cordinator for NYCN Ikorodu division. I am just the Cordinator, Ikorodu Branch. We have other Cordinators in other LCDAs. And they are equally representing us well in their various LCDA. I assumed the office of the NYCN Ikorodu branch 4 months ago.

There’s no constitutional provisions for a Cordinator to oversee the affairs of another Cordinator. There’s separation of power.

There can only be a situation where you have the 6 Cordinators coming together to elect their chairman. Nothing like that yet.

IMPACT: In these short time of being in office, can you briefly tell us the little you have been able to achieve on behalf of the youths in Ikorodu division?

Mr Olalekan: Consultation tour was our first Assignment to the council in order to tap from their knowledge in order to draw a distinctive Action Plans. We visited public office holders, LASU, young Leaders who are Stakeholders and meeting with Affliated organizations.

MaskUp Ikorodu was designed to sensitize Ikorodu citizens on the need for precaution measure over COVID19.


Creating a Communication Channel for Youths in Ikorodu.

IMPACT: As a youth Coordinator from the division, how far have you contributed to the personal development and academic pursuits of student in the division?

Mr Olalekan: Before emerging as the Cordinator, NYCN Ikorodu branch, I have personally have reasons to work wirh students bodies accross the division. Helping with jamb forms. Mentorship classes just to mention a few. I remember writing the NAIDS public speaking contest then, it was a huge one for me. The winner of the Save1Future Quiz and debate initiative is today a graduate and am so proud of him. We will continue to lobby our Leaders on behalf of students to do more for the students. There’s little we can do

IMPACT: Looking from the vantage position you are now, What do you see as the biggest challenge facing our youths in your office as a leader in the division.

Mr Olalekan: The biggest challenge to me may not be the general view. For me, the challenge is the lack of good parenting. The parents are no longer available for the youths and it’s really disturbing. If we can fix home then every other challenge will be addressed with ease.

I am proposing an idea that instead of always organising Seminars for Children, what stops us from training parents on how to train kids too? Some parents don’t have a clue on parenting.

IMPACT: I agree with your submission, but I think you missed the context of my question, so I will rephrase, since your assuming office, what has been your challenge as a coordinator of NYCN Ikorodu central?

Mr Olalekan: We don’t have any challenge so far. We have enjoyed cooperation from all and Sundry. When we have one, we will deal with it tactically borrowing from elders wisdom.

IMPACT: It is no longer a secret that u are aspiring for the office of the NYCN chairman Lagos chapter. If you emerge as the Chairman NYCN lagos state Chapter, what changes would you like to make, what will you do differently?

Mr Olalekan: CHANGING THE NARRATIVES IS MY MISSION – We must correct the public perception that nothing good can ever come from our generation.IMG-20200613-WA0021~2


Aligning Interests – Our first Assignment if given the mandate is to extend the olive branch across board. We will work with all interests to design a modus-operandi to implement the Lagos State Youth Policy effectively.

Lagos State Talent Discovery Academy –
No doubt all youths need a helping hand to help them discover and manage their talents. This and many more is the reason we will lobby the government to establish a Talent Discovery Academy, where talents can be nurtured simultaneously with academic pursuit. This initiative will help reduce social vices in our society.

Uniting Us – In order to bridge the gap that exists between the Lagos Youths, we will come up with projects that will be actualized as a team, one of which is the Goal4GirlChild Shield Football Match.

Managing Conflicts – Greater and better youth council will be achieved when we encourage the youths to embark on conflict resolution management trainings. We will initiate trainings/workshops, where the youths can learn, relearn and unlearn.

Partnerships – NGOs, with youth-oriented projects and Voluntary Youth Organisations (VYOs) affiliated to the NYCN, Lagos State will be partnered to host monthly programmes. This will further assist the youths in realizing their potentials.

Support Fund – Subvention and international grant for VYOs will be given utmost attention. We discovered one of the hindrances to why it is difficult to host monthly programmes is lack of fund. Therefore, we will lobby the government to increase the monthly subvention for VYOs and we will monitor and ensure funds released is expended prudently and judiciously.

Communication Channel – We will design first of its kind website and social medium to serve as a communication channel between the NYCN Lagos State and the Lagos State youths.

IMPACT: Students occupy a large chunk of the youth demographic, how do you intend to push their interests especially in bursary payments to the concerned stakeholders?

Mr Olalekan: Well, NYCN is a major stakeholder in the student body called NANS. The way the Youth Council operates our involvement in what concerns students is minimal but we will work it out with major stakeholders in Students movement when there’s a challenge over Bursary payment.

It’s our duty too but there’s a line.

IMPACT: Can you define that line?

Mr Olalekan:

  • NANS speaks for Students

  • NYCN speaks for Youths

  • NLC speaks for Labour Etc….

IMPACT: NANS (NATIONAL OR JCC)…I am referring to NULASS not institutional Students Union. Nulass has always been working with NANS because the NYCN have not always being available.

Mr Olalekan: We will look into that when the mandate is given to the us.

IMPACT: How are you carrying other 5 coordinators in the division in your aspiration and have they bought into it?

Mr Olalekan: There’s a conference of Ikorodu division Coordinators meeting. Public Pronouncement will happen coming week. We’ve being able to put our house in order.

We are #StrongerTogether!

They own the campaign Structure and i must commend them for the success recorded so far.

IMPACT: So far, how has your relationship with other coordinators from Ikorodu division and outside been?

Mr Olalekan: The HOME is massive. we are friends and partners in making our dear Ikorodu division greater. We have great synergy. Outside Ikorodu too is awesome. Can’t share some calculations here, But God and Ikorodu division is with us in this journey, The end will justify all the efforts.

IMPACT: If you encounter any difficulty in implementing your visions as a opposition from your superiors authorities, how will you handle that if finally emerged?

Mr Olalekan: I don’t joke with consultations and i am a fan of debating ideas before implementation. A vision truncated is not a popular vision.

The way the NYCN works, the management meeting has right to yes/no decisions. Rejecting a clear vision can only happen at the management meeting which means the Leader is already rejected. That’s why conflict resolution Management training will be on our Must To do list.

IMPACT: What if this opposition is coming from a political office holder?

Mr Olalekan: Such situation is beyond the council and the vision. It means the driver of the vision got scores to settle with the public office holder. We must separate the Council from any Political alignment, That is one of the teachings of the council. We have political parties carrying members in the Council but when we are in the council, we drop our political sentiments to address issues affecting the Youths squarely.

IMPACT: In what ways do you want Ikorodu division to help in your emergence as the State Chairman?

Mr Olalekan: Though our congress and voting eligibility is based on delegates from local branches and Voluntary Youth Organizations. In whatever capacity, we will welcome such support. We have received support so far though. We will appreciate all at the end of this Struggle.

IMPACT: As we all know its a state position that is politically motivated. What are you doing to ensure the political office holders, the traditional rulers and other major stakeholders buy into your ideas and aspiration?IMG-20200613-WA0002~2

Mr Olalekan: I must appreciate Honourable Babajimi Benson for his fatherly role so far. I was amazed and wowed at his level of support so far. I must also acknowledge our own ML, Hon. SOB Agunbiade for his involvement so far. THANK YOU SIR. HON. Solaja has played a vital role too, Deen of Africa, Bolowotan, BigBudo, deroju, Egbon Elesho, Egbon Ahmed Aroyewun to mention few have being supportive. Our Leaders In Ikorodu division NYCN are ever supportive too. Plans are in pipeline to Tour the entire Kingdoms in our division jointly after the coming week Pronouncement for blessings. One of our think tank is egbon Adelabu, thank you for all you do so far. Let me also appreciate the Council Chairmen accross our LCDAs. Bldr Sesan Daini, egbon modupe for all, You’ve being so amazing.
NAIDS Ikorodu Division, thank you too. Alhaji Odumbo, Leader Gbadebo, Sayleke, Shodunke, Solanke, Muyideen, These egbons has being amazing.

IMPACT: Please how would you explain the low representation of young people in parliament in Lagos state and Ikorodu in particular?

Mr Olalekan: Young people must erase the sense of entitlement. I borrowed Asiwaju favourite quote that Power is not served a la carte.

You want to serve your country. Get involved!

IMPACT: Many youths don’t know how to get involved because they have no one to mentor nor guide them, what do you think youths can do to get involved and what’s your plan to carry these kind of people along in your agenda?

Mr Olalekan: Every human must be ready to do somethings and not expect immediate rewards. Many young people must get the concept of self service.

Considering the amount required for Politics, we must go and make money (have something you doing) or else one will become a liability.

We must be ready to invest too. Printing 5k banner for a struggle is part of it.

IMPACT: But do you think there could be any factor preventing our youths from involving in politics? And what can be done to increase positive representation particularly in Ikorodu division?

Mr Olalekan: Youths has representation at grassroot already. We are only clamouring for more participation and role. More reason why those given sensitive role now must perform to convince the Leaders that the youths are ripe for Leadership.

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