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HealthTalk: Cost Of Treatment Abroad ~ Ms Patricia Okosodo


Jun 19, 2020

IMG-20200616-WA0021Nigeria health system should be restructured due to the fact that people’s health are deteriorating every day. The pandemic has really exposed the failure of government in health sectors .

The budgetary allocation is too low. Health budget proposed for 2020 is #427.30 billion compared to other key development sectors like defence and education, health has the lowest @4.14% of the entire budget.

Health has an allocation that is far cry from #1.985 trillion allocated defence which is 19.23% of the national budget. They even slashed health allocation when draft coou was sent to the National Assembly for review.

Corona virus diseases has really exposed the neglect of our health care system and that is why you see them flying abroad for proper health care.

Hadn’t been that they prioritised our local health facilities it would boost morale and improve the capacity of professionals and would have made some steady infrastructural development in terms of management and health sector in general.

No one have the strong immune system against Coronavirus especially or any other deadly infections or virus.

Most of our women and children are been affected more. Women and men are being affected differently, during emergencies, women and girls are those who suffer most.

Not even at this time that there is high increase in this covid cases, we also have high demand for medical care.

We have shortage in supplies, shortage in testing people and treating people infected. So, as people are demanding for medicine and other equipment like mask, ventilators, beds, even medical staff, Budgetary allocation should increase and our health sector need to be restructured.IMG-20200616-WA0021


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