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Excerpts From Ikorodu Division Youth Initiative Movement’s Interview Session With Bayo Akinlade Esq.


Jun 27, 2020

IMG-20200627-WA0040Bayo Akinlade’s Background

➢ Nigerian Law School, Abuja: BL 1999- 2000
➢ Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria: LLB 1992- 1999
➢ Government College Lagos, Eric-Moore: SSCE 1989- 1991

• Chairman; Nigerian Bar Association, Ikorodu Branch; July 2018 to June 2020
• Founder/Coordinator, Volunteer Lawyers Police Station Visitation Group with Lagos State Magistrates, 2018
• Founder/National Convener, Fight Against Corruption in the Judiciary, July 2015 to Date
• Secretary, Nigerian Bar Association, Ikorodu Branch, August 2012 to July 2014
• Director, Policy & Strategy – Policy and Law Reform Centre, Lagos 2009 to Date
• Honorary Board Member, Christian Lawyers Association, South Africa
June 2009 to Date
• National Director, Christian Lawyers Association, South Africa. January – June 2009
• Board Member, Christian Lawyers Association, South Africa. August
2008 – January 2009
• Africa Representative, Advocates International Global Council. 2004 – 2008
• 1st Assistant Secretary, Nigerian Bar Association, Lagos Branch. 2003 – 2004
• Secretary, NBA Human Rights Committee. 2003 – 2004
• Special Counsel and Africa Liaison, Advocates International, Inc. USA. 2003 to October 2009
• 2nd Assistant Secretary, Nigerian Bar Association, Lagos Branch. 2002 -2003
• Publicity Secretary, Christian Lawyers Fellowship of Nigeria (CLASFON) Lagos Island Chapter. 2001 – 2004
• National Field Representative, CLASFON. 2001 – 2003
• Associate; Chief G.O. Sodipo & Co. 2001 – 2003
• P.R.O. CLASFON, Nigerian Law School. 2000
• Coordinator, CLASFON, Nigerian Law School. 1999
• Chairman, Audit Committee, Law Society, A.B.U, Zaria 1999
• President, A.B.U CLASFON Chapter 1998- 1999
• National Public Relations Officer, CLASFON (Students Body) 1995- 1997
• Public Relations Officer, A.B.U CLASFON Chapter. 1994- 1995

Consultant, EU sponsored British Council Rule of Law and Anti Corruption Programme
Member, AG Lagos Advisory Committee on the use of lay Police Prosecutors

• Legal Adviser; Police Community Relations Committee (PCRC), Lagos State Police Command 2016 – 2018
• Legal Adviser; Police Community Relations Committee (PCRC), Area N Command, Ikorodu 2014 – 2016
• Legal Adviser; Police Community Relations Committee (PCRC), Ijede Police Division, Ikorodu 2010 – 2014

➢ Nigerian Bar Association
➢ Christian Lawyers Fellowship of Nigeria
➢ Christian Lawyers Association of South Africa
➢ Advocates Africa
➢ Advocates International, USA
➢ Alliance Defense Fund, USA
➢ Christian Lawyers Association, USA
➢ Peace and Collaborative Development Network, USA.


IDYIM: You have a very intimidating profile and obviously you have carved a niche for yourself in the legal profession.
kindly give us an insight into your aspiration to the office of the National Vice president of the Nigerian Bar Association.

Mr. Akinlade: I was in consultation with some people from the British Council Rolac Programme talking about how to take the Police Duty Scheme (PDSS) to all the Branches of the NBA and thats where it occurred to me that the best way to do this was for us to have NBA at the national level adopt a Bar-Led PDSS approach. So I decided to make myself available to drive not only the PDSS initiative but other initiatives I had developed including the Fight Against Corruption in the Judiciary (FIACIJ), the Court centered Prison decongestion initiative and the Volunteer group accompanying magistrates to visit detention centers under the ACJA, just to mention a few. I also was working with several government agencies as chairman of NBA Ikorodu Branch and felt that I could help the Branches develop these relationships and access funding for their respective Branch programs.

IDYIM: Chief Adegboyega Awomolo recently wrote about Non-Sans leading the bar, he noted that all other professions bring in their first eleven as their leaders and the bar shouldn’t be an exception.
What is your opinion about Non-Sans leading the bar?

Mr. Akinlade: It is my opinion that any lawyer can lead the Bar once they meet the minimum requirements to do so. The real question is what is the real motive of the person who wants to lead the bar for 2 years?

The person may have a stellar record but is he or her ready to serve?

We should always realize that we all have something to offer our nation and not necessarily for individual benefit but we must consider the good of all.

IDYIM: You have been serving from the inception of your career. What will you do differently or better when you assume the office of the National Vice president of the NBA?

Mr. Akinlade: I dont think I will do anything unique in the sense you put it because there is nothing new under the sun. I dont think we have a shortage of ideas or things to do within the NBA we just lack the will to do them.

I can assure you though that I will continue to do what I have been doing over the years to promote justice and the rule of Law.

I must say here that the office is just a mere tool and an advantage to promote certain ideologies but I believe that every lawyer is capable of making a difference without necessarily having a title. It is my OFFICE as a lawyer already to act out the duties of any officer of a branch or of the national. It is not the office that makes the difference, it is what you bring into the office that matters.

IDYIM: The welfare of Nigerian lawyers is a fundamental issue in the development of the bar, what plans do you have for improvement of lawyers especially the young ones?

Mr Akinlade: The welfare of members is primarily a branch issue. No lawyer is a member of the national in the true sense of the word rather they are members of branches.

In my capacity of 1st vice president I will work closely with the national welfare secretary to develop strategies to ensure that the welfare of members are taken care of. In fact, this is a priority and not only for young lawyers but for all lawyers.

If my work in Ikorodu is anything to go by, I am sure no lawyer will doubt my commitment to the welfare of NBA members.  I saw your flyer and I realised that you still refer to me as Chairman of NBA Ikorodu Branch. For the record I handed over on the 10th of June 2020.

IDYIM: This brings me to the question of relationship with members, There seems to be a disconnect between the NBA and majority of its members.
If elected you will be serving the NBA at its golden years so how do you intend to reposition the association and make it the pride of its members?

Mr. Akinlade: This job is for every lawyer and not an officer who wants to serve for 2 years.

In Ikorodu I always told all the lawyers that everyone is a leader.

I am a lawyer like others, Lawyers should step up and make a difference within their communities. We don’t wait for people to do things for us, we go out there as social engineers and we fix the problems of the society.

IDYIM: You had a very impacting tenure as the chairman of NBA Ikorodu. Can u let us know who the new chairman is in furtherance of your good work when you were the chairman.

Mr. Akinlade: Mr. Abimbola Ojedokun

IDYIM: Yes! It is more clearer now that we need a personal lawyer as in individuals level. But it seems like a very doubting task for people especially the poor masses. Offcourse we expect to pay for their services but approaching a lawyer alone require like 78 press ups and many rehearsals.
How will he use his office to helps us?

Mr. Akinlade: I think NBA Ikorodu has been accessible to the community and for free. These services are available for those who are poor and indegent.

IDYIM: Partnering and Synergizing with the Judiciary is as important as every other item on your manifesto, How do you intend to achieve this?

Mr. Akinlade: The same way I did as Chairman of NBA Ikorodu Branch. All judges were members of NBA before they became judges. As judges they become associate members. When they retire, the become full members again.

So you can see that what is good for the lawyers is also good for the judges.

IDYIM: Giving the perceptions about the Vice Presidential Position as being a mere alternative to the President and without a definite role and function. It implies that you need a President that shares similar vision before the lofty ideas you envisioned can be implemented.
Have you any specific mechanism to drive in your visions regardless of who emerges as President?

Mr. Akinlade: This is usually a political perspective. Is femi falana an NBA executive Member? Was Gani an NBA executive Member? Did they make their impact in society?

People always think they need a title. The title is only a leverage but there are other things to leverage on like a GOOD NAME or PAST ACHIEVEMENTS.

I am not concerned about who emerges as the president as much as I am concerned as to my ability to impact my community as a LAWYER.IMG-20200627-WA0040



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