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Jul 2, 2020


Lekan Biliamin Sulaimon-Oba was born on October 27, 1987 in Ikorodu town to the Sulaimon-Alejo family. He had his elementary school at Umar Bun Alkattab, Kaduna State. Later to Oriwu Model College where he obtained his West African Examination Council certificate with distinctions. A graduate of Mass communication from prestigeous Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Abeokuta, Ogun State. He is the CEO of 6010afriQue media (a consulting firm) and currently, Chairmanship Aspirant, NYCN Lagos State Chapter.


NYSC State Honour, 2014

Most Creative Students, 2013

Member, Moshood Abiola Polytechnic Parliament.

Speaker, Moshood Abiola Polytechnic 2013

2nd runner up Cannes Lions creative competition.

Clerk, Moshood Abiola Polytechnic Judiciary.

Cordinator, NYCN Ikorodu Branch.

Igbogbo Legendary Awards, Igbogbo Students Union Award.


Project Director, Ikorodu Diamond Leo Club

Member/Volunteer, Ikorodu Ambassador group

Member, YALI Africa

Member, Involve Africa

Strategy Manager, AfrikaInspireher

Volunteer, iCare Foundation Foodbank

District 404A1 Nigeria, Publicity director and DP installation chairperson.


NYSC Save1Future Initiative – State honour Award.

Save1Future Inter-School
Debate and Quiz competition in partnership with Otunba Olukoga.

Partner- Ikorodu for the Culture in partnership with Ikorodu-Oga Development Association (IKODASS).

Participant, Ikorodu Ambassadors Community Projects.

Idea Writer – NAIDS public speaking contest.

Partner – Lagos State Summer Camp.

Publisher, Southwest reporters.

Organizer- Southwest Icons Award (SWICONS)
He speaks Hausa, Yoruba and English fluently. Married to a beautiful Enitan Jessica Oba with beautiful Kids, King Jamal Adegoke and Queen Jasmine Moremi.



INN: Now before we move forward I want to ask you briefly about how your experience has been Soo Far in the chairmanship race for NYCN Lagos State Chapter?

Comrade Billiamin: There’s so much to be fixed! We will get there gradually. Change will only happen when we all work and Walk collectively.

The experience has being a great opportunity to learn, unlearn and relearn.

Growing stronger.


I have reservations about the use of the word ‘retention’ in any struggle because there’s a need for one to know when to leave the stage especially when the ovation is loud.

When you done with that phase of life, there’s a need for one to engage the younger generation to come onboard and play that role too.
The problem that we have today in the studentship sphere is that those that ought to key into the Youthful age still want to he given studentship accolades for reasons best known to them.
I am not against mentorship but there should be a line. Allow the students to do what they know best and correct them when necessary.


Do you know we have lotta students in our community that are not identifying with community based Student body? Have we ever asked why they are no longer interested in aligning.

The reason is because we are not improving on our programmes which to some is boring.

Same programmes we do since the days of Tai Solarin is still implemented without implements?

We need to look Inward and correct all this.
A good example is this Pandemic period, imagine a student from Ikorodu proffering solutions to the pandemic.

It will impressive to see a student from our community designing water dispenser to sanitize our hands as proposed by the government

So there’s a need to go beyond the Ordinary. Lotta people are no longer comfortable with the usual norm.


I have always argued that the only reason why we have the developed world recoding huge success in all ramifications is because they have young people ready to use their talents diligently.

Young people came up with idea of Google

Young people came up with the idea of Snapchat

Young people came up with the idea of Facebook.

What are we coming up with, we should be tired of all this conventional ideas that doesn’t help us display intelligence.

Another thing that comes to mind is our inability to measure our Priorities. We focus our time on things that doesn’t add value to our lives thinking it’s the way to Go but most times it’s always destructive.

TIME is money, whoever wants you to waste 1 hour must be ready to fill the gap.

Another things that we must note is the act of Volunteerism. You don’t get paid for everything.

The pay you get from some may be interns of experience gathered.

Also, embrace failure too, don’t be scared to try new things. When you fail, it shows you doing something credible about your life.

please never settle for less and be ready to think like there’s no box.

That’s where mindset comes in.
While you play critical role in Student movement, always remember there’s life after the Union.

So guard and guide your name as it’s your achievements that will pathways for you tomorrow.

INN: Look at this from a perception of Moral standard, Don’t you think the student finds the union boring because they don’t get what they want in glorifying their youthful exuberance?

Though some of the union practice is actually outdated!

Comrade Billiamin: Well, I played a critical role in Student Unionism during my tertiary institution days and I can tell you for free that it’s a platform where leaders are nurtured.

So much you learn as a Unionist
The challenge is that those that ought to leave the NANs are still claiming student when they are already off the required age.

Though studentship is continuous but for moral justification, the old horse should let the younger ones enjoy their time.

You see when you are in a space and it’s not tasking you to go extra mile, it becomes boring, Give people public speaking assignment, Give the engineers an Assignment.

Work on governments projections and present your solutions to the authorities table and beg for credit.

This is what am talking about
Pitch the students for international conference, let one of you attend and see if that will not inspire others.

I told a friend this morning that there’s a need for young people in Ikorodu to start exploring Lagos State and Nigeria the way Aduni Comfort is doing.

Let’s take that energy out there to compete with our folks.

A student body should do the gingering. nothing more!
The days of radicalism to champion a course is long gone. Now we dialogue to get more.

Though our CCC must always be intact. Ijawa ija o si always guiding.

For students body to have their feat firm, there’s a need for all hands to be on deck.

Let’s package ourselves for future developments.
We need to do plenty rejig so we can earn the respect back.

The last time I address myself as a Unionist was the day I handover to the new Speaker of my school then.

Leave the stage when the ovation is loud.

Thank you.

Q1: How best will you advice this union to gaining back it feat since you’re also a past leader sir?

Comrade Billiamin: Why repeat the programmes implemented during Aduuni, Prada same way with no improvement or innovations.

What works then may not be applicable to now.

Wow us!

Stop doing what we did.

Q2: As the incoming chairman of NYC by God’s grace how do you intend to help revive,restore and reposition both students and the youth at large,also do you intend to use this position for the development of Academic works and youth Elevation.

Comrade Billiamin: We will have an all Inclusive administration where all round youth development will be our major focus.

Though our first Assignment is to correct the image of the Youths.

We will get there

Q3: We know students are now after money each time you call for program the next thing they ask is will they share money so how do you think students can be engaged in unionism?

Comrade Billiamin: This impression is wrong! Students Body need fund to implement their lofty ideas. Saying that we request for fund is because we fail to mend things when they happen.

I remember one of ISU member spending the organization fund then unjustly. I was AMAZED to see that no one has the guts to challenge him.

When you ask questions, it will let others realize such act will not be accepted henceforth.

Speak up when you should!IMG-20200702-WA0021



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