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Jul 8, 2020

20200708_125821-COLLAGEHonourable Princess Folashade Olabanji-Oba is the National Deputy Chairman (Association of Local Government Vice Chairmen of Nigeria) & also the Vice Chairman, Ikorodu Local Government.

She is a Politician with Class & Style who’s Personality is no new to Ikorodu News Network.

“At this Sensitive Period Of Life we need to be very active and responsible in looking out for one another, And Firstly I really want to appreciate God for given us such a proactive and precise leadership that we have today in Lagos State, Our Governor Mr Babajide Olushola Sanwo-olu has stood in the forefront and indeed his delivering our desired results in all spheres presently.

This pandemic took us unaware and now it’s no longer business as usual, So we must stand up following the required due diligence and do better so we can see it through to the end” Princess Folashade.

INN: When Leadership is Effective it can only strengthen the voice of the masses in different areas if we likened it to the success of our current NYCN chairman. Don’t You think that Unionism in leadership is the best?

Princess Folashade: The outcome of that election renewed my trust for Ikorodu and it made it obvious that when we come together there is Notting Ikorodu cannot achieve in the whole of Lagos State.

We are brothers and sisters and thus we must put the interest of Ikorodu first before our own personal Agendas, That’s the way to go.

We should prevent ourselves from bringing each other down because every elevation is a plus to our region.

We Must now begin to grow beyond our Differences, appreciate the wisdom of our elders and emulate it in applying to gain positive results in our areas and field of productivity.

Can I let you know today that this is just the beginning of more opportunities for Ikorodu? Believe me greater ones are coming for us, But we all must begin to prepare ourselves in Unionism, The strength we possess together will go a long way to always give us victories.

Love and understanding is what we need because it will gear us towards fulfilling our destinies.

INN: This is not the first time we have had you on but we know very little about your career, Can you give us a summary about your background?20200708_130047-COLLAGE

Princess Folashade: When I returned back from America I actually started doing small business, Then I went into Insurance, Real Estate and I also volunteered for Community services, I feel in love with the activities of the youths, Which you can see that today Shelter of Grace Foundation is all about Supporting the Youths at all levels, from Empowerment to scholarships and vocational Trainings.

That was my core direction before it lead me into Politics. Service is the major part of my course if you look at my career Soo Far because meeting the people’s needs is what brings satisfaction to my life.

Politics for me is like a Help Ministry, Because I went in after I completed a Bible college training.

It just happened that I felt it’s the right calling for me as a woman and I never looked back since then.

The goal is to make things better, Help people, put things in order. We are not perfect but with the wisdom of God there are alot we can contribute and gradually everything will be making the full.

INN: So how do you see the Political scene presently?

Princess Folashade: For me APC is one big happy family, Which is loaded with the best of brians, we have alot of dreams growing around us but with one Vision in Sight.

We will need to dialogue from time to time but don’t get carried away by the media, The most important thing is this family will stand! And Nigerians as people will never regret having us in Government.

It is actually part of Democracy, what’s going on right now. People have the freedom to move from one party to another, Nobody is holding you down or draining you off loyalty. 

We must begin to see Nigeria as our dearly beloved country, We must be able to go to bed and sleep well knowing that our people can count on us for Effective Growth and Development, That’s what it’s all about.

God has given us a beautiful Nation and we must put every self interest aside to provide solutions to it. Essentially that’s what APC is about.20200708_125821-COLLAGE


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