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Jul 13, 2020

20200713_160515_0000 “Every Leader must not just hump into projects that they desire alone, The projects they venture into must be Consistent with the needs of the People, Solving their basic Challenges and reflecting good governance”.

This was the remark of OTUNBA GANIYU ABIRU as we followed up his session on Leadership and the need for effective Development.

Ikorodu News Network (INN) on the wrap up engaged the Leader on the issue of Cultism, Proper parental upbringing and Security. This was what he had to say.

It is very sad today that the issue of Cultism in Ikorodu has grown to this level. A very unfortunate era that we have found ourselves today.

This issue is so contagious that it has now penetrated into our primary and secondary Institutions.

It is even more shocking to know that even with the efforts of the Security Agencies to curb it, More young people are been Initiated into the cult due to security intimidation and materialistic yearnings.

First and foremost in order for us to remedy this situation we must look at the parental control and handling of the children from home.

The question we must ask ourselves first is: 

How effective is our parents to knowing the whereabouts of their children?

Do our parents pay attention to the kind of friends their children keep?

Do our parents ask Sensitive questions or even reach out to investigate while some of their children becomes financially responsible even when they don’t have a good or decent job?

Looking at those questions I will say my answer is NO!

If our parents have been checking on their children this case will not be surging like it is.

So I want to advice our parents to step up their parental charge on their children and begin to teach them good morals.

With youthful exuberance, it’s not going to be an easy task, But as long as their future is concern, The children must be groomed with Discipline to adopt a positive lifestyle.

We must now work together to ensure that those coming behind do not emulate what is going on in terms of causing havoc in the Communities. 

Just as these cultists would brainwash their preys to be Initiated, We must now begin to brainwash our children about the dangers of Cultism and the implications in it, Which will not only be detrimental to their families but also dent the fabric of the Society.

The Government also needs to intensify their approach to this issue because some of these so called cultist have skill sets, amongst them are Tailors, Tilers, even some have professional experiences in their fields, But due to lack of jobs and the need to make easy money, They are lured into this dangerous path.20200713_162557_0000~2

With that said I want to express my profound gratitude to ONYABO and other Security agencies here in Ikorodu. They are all trying Marvelously Well to put an end to this challenge, I just believe they will need more support and encouragement.

The ONYABO’s are really trying, But the truth is when we have youths setting up Security platforms to restore peace in our communities, They should be well appreciated in order for them not to become vulnerable.

This is why I will request The Ikorodu Elites sets up A SECURITY ENDOWMENT FUNDS.

This SECURITY ENDOWMENT FUNDS will be set up to support all our Security agencies in Ikorodu on their short comings. And it must be functional not inactive.

We have situations where you hear Security Platforms & Agencies complaining about lack of fuel to mobilize their cases or lack of monthly payments.

It is from such a security Endowment Funds that they will be supported even to Goodwill stipends.

This should be done because the presence of effective Security only indicates no room for Community unrest, Which will open doors to growth and development in Ikorodu.20200713_161107_0000


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