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Jul 14, 2020

20200714_120151_0000The second Edition of Idle Hands Are The Devil’s Workshop Leadership Discourse Pt.2 Tagged THE WAY FORWARD was held Via ZOOM online on Sunday the 12th of July 2020.

It hosted Hon. Onamade Oluwatosin from IJEDE LCDA and Hon Rotimi Balogun from IKORODU NORTH, Both also played the figurehead role in the first physical Edition.

The Initiative which was formally introduced by Hon Oluwatosin Onamade is aimed at creating Needful Opportunities for the youths and also Empowering them to become useful in their communities.

With this edition it was clearly obvious that the Initiative is poised on elevating Ikorodu Division Youth to the next level.

In the high point of the session Ikorodu News Network INN was able to gain Perfect Understanding on the focal point of the conference which was targeted at EFFECTIVE SECURITY SYSTEM in Ikorodu.

“Ikorodu is a boarder Town of the State and whatever we are trying to achieve in terms of creating job opportunities and adequate productivity can not see the light of day if we don’t have an active security system” Hon Rotimi Balogun

“It is not all youths that are responsible for the unrest, some are just out there, Tired of our failed systems and despondent governance.

We must take into considerations that Ikorodu is though vulnerable in Security but willing and ready to react to economic growth and changes” Hon Rotimi added

“If we want to access our security system and adopts good alliance with the Law Enforcement Agencies we have, Then we must call on all our CDA’s to synergize with our local government” Hon Oluwatosin Onamade

“There is no level of unrest today in our various communities and regions that on a grassroot level our CDA leaders are not aware of. They know the families affected and they know the perpetrators in most scenarios.

This is why they must be sensitised to work together with our law enforcements in order to easily handle the unrest” Hon Oluwatosin Onamade added.

“Even our Traditional leaders in the Communities needs to be sensitised too, Because they’re the fathers and first responders in terms of disputes” Hon Oluwatosin.

INN: This also means the confidence level on our Security has drastically dropped, So now we must move ahead and seek solutions in order to help The Idle Hands in our communities. How can security be effected in our communities then?20200714_134132_0000

Hon Rotimi Balogun: There are RED SPOTS in our Different Communities across Ikorodu Division.

When I say RED SPOTS it means there are areas where crimes are more likely to happen in different communities than others, Which is not a secret to both inhabitants and even the law enforcements Agencies.

These Red Spots must be closely Supported with the presence of intense Security personnel Consecutively. 

In cases where RED SPOTS are not known, then it’s in the position of the residentials to bring that information to the officials because in such cases good information communications is vital to support the communities.

Most cases when these rule breakers Understand that the Law Enforcement Agencies are always on them they tend to either switch gears or stay peaceful.20200714_134551_0000

Hon Oluwatosin Onamade: Let me add by saying that in order for our law enforcements Agencies to be effective then we must not only communicate with them regularly, but also we need to Empower and support rigorously.

I have seen alot of scenarios whereby you need the assistance of the police and they will tell you that they don’t have fuel in their vans.

Some are even in need while working and waiting on their monthly salaries.

Our Law Enforcers needs proper coordination, Which requires adequate appreciations for them to be on standby whenever they’re needed.

Ikorodu News Network (INN) took notes of the points made by both guests and subsequently gave room for a Contributor who has been following the Session to give his own advice.

Contributor: I must commend the organisers of this conference and I will say that i have learnt a whole lot today.

If we can be having Sessions like this to Rob minds together for the common good of Ikorodu, Then we must continue to adopt this medium. 

My only Challenge here is that with resolves like this then we need to ensure that more stakeholders and elites personalities in Ikorodu join this kind of conferences.

It will enable our messages to get across to the right offices for immediate response. If that can be achieved then I will say that this Initiative will go a long way in helping Ikorodu Youths positively.

With the Contributions from the listeners the Guests in closing decided to Organise another follow up online conference which will also take place Via ZOOM on the 26th of July 2020 with need to invite more stakeholders in Ikorodu to be apart of the growing Initiative in order for better communication, commitments and Push.

‘Idle Hands Are The Devil’s Workshop’ Leadership Discourse 101

Incase You missed the first Edition of IDLE HANDS ARE THE DEVIL’S WORKSHOP, Kindly Click The Above Link To Be Updated About The Initiative.



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