IMG-20200812-WA0034To mark the 2020 International Youth Day Celebration, the executives of National Youth Council of Nigeria, Igbogbo Baiyeku LCDA local branch have reeled out programmes to engage the youth to fulfil the overall desire of a global impact.

As a first course action, The executives have initiated an online lecture on the theme “Youth Engagement For Global Action”  schedules to hold, Friday 14th August,2020 at 6pm.

In further advancement of this course, The executives plan to engage the youth community through sports by hosting the pioneer edition of Inter-Club Table Tennis Competition on 14th-15th August, 2020.IMG-20200812-WA0033

Evident from the quality of first class minds to educate the youths at the online lecture,there is an assurance that the community is set to export youths with greater potentials for global action. Hence, our minds are predicated on harnessing the large deposit of potentials in an average Igbogbo/Baiyeku youth.

It has been established that youths are the best choice to change the pessimism of an average Nigerian to high voltage optimism and liberate the nation from the seeming state of backwardness and inertia, Our duty is to bring that progressive youth to the fore.IMG-20200812-WA0032

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