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Aug 14, 2020

IMG_20200814_143717In an effort to contribute to the Ikorodu Communities, As a result of the effects of the Global pandemic; The Covid-19, which affected the Global economy and individuals.

And to mark the worldwide week of the Youths, Tagged: ENGAGING THE YOUTH.

“Youth Empowerment/Development”

Ikorodu Diamond Lions Club trains 50 Youths as Trainees, in production of the following as a means of self employed:IMG_20200814_115522

  • AIR FRESHENERIMG_20200814_113053_1

At the get go the Project chairperson Lion Prince Adeyinka Oyenuga stated that project of this capacity was needed in this times and encouraged Participates while inditing their Information to verify their intents because specialisation can be targeted at utilising just one of the product to be created.

“Think about that family member that is in distress and looking for an urgent means to an end, Consider making a difference amongst your peers at this period, Try to be the one to stand out and say there is an opportunity even in the midst of a pandemic. This is what you must ensure you leave here with today without any apology” Lion Prince Adeyinka Oyenuga Added.

It is expected that the “Training the Trainee’s workshop” which the target is for each of the 50 Trainee’s to go back to their local community to do likewise, by training 20 Youths each with the acquired skills, which they would not only train, but also give them some support tools to enhance their productivity.
This would capture a total of 1050 Youths that would be out of the unemployed rate of the society.IMG_20200814_140418

“In our efforts to Contribute to the Ikorodu Communities as we celebrate the World Youth Day, We have decided to train youths across the region on how to create Hand Sanitizers, Toilet Disinfectant, Toilet Wash & Air Fresher in order to equip them against this on going economic crisis as a result of Covid-19 pandemic.

It is expected that the 50 youths we are Empowering today will go into their communities and do likewise to other individuals close to them as we shall not only train them but also give them some support tools to enhance their productivity”. Lion Adeleke Akadri (Project Coordinator).IMG_20200814_141909

The given Participants Certificates at the end of the workshop is just an evidence that they came and was Empowered, But at the end of the day, the attentiveness and proper understanding of this teaching will further help them grow and Enhance their productivity.

“Certificate is just an evidence that you came and was Empowered, But at the end of the day your attentiveness and proper understanding of this teachings will further help your growth and impactation. Don’t get too excited about the fashion we are using to get you involved, instead get excited about the reason we are serving you because Lions are servants and it is our duty to serve humanity”. Lion Mrs Funmi Alabi.comica1597420611098

Build the Youths for the Future, build a better society.IMG_20200814_115334_1

“We are positive today that this empowerment will lift some reasonable number of youths from the street in this times of economic and health crisis, Not Only that, the impactation will open a new stream of network for these youths to do likewise in their various communities. We took their informations and would subsequently Contact them in order to support them with the basic items needed to kick start this training for them to make it a source of income post CoVid-19. Where there is a need, there is a Lion”. Lion Oladimeji Isola NLCF (President Ikorodu Diamond Lions Club)IMG_20200814_113031


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