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Aug 18, 2020 ,

Screenshot_20200818-153127Principal Heads & Teachers Union Association of the Living Stone College Across Lagos State Converged The Institution’s head quarters of The Living Stone College at Owode-Ibeshe road in Ikorodu.

The scene wasn’t friendly as both teachers and head teachers from the 32 sections of the schools gathered to protest against the school’s administration for the lack of payment of teachers salaries for over five months.20200818_153912-COLLAGEWhile it was clear that the school was in session for it’s Pupils to write the ongoing west Africa examination council exams (WAEC), It didn’t prevent the union from staging a peaceful but tension filled protest to voice their dissatisfaction and frustration on the lack of payment of teacher’s salaries.


“We are here to protest against the injustice subjected on us by the director of this college Mr Olushola Kolawole Christwealth.

For five months this man has been telling us stories to the detriment of our colleagues and staffs of this institution. I am not talking about Covid-19 but prior to it, Even during the pandemic shutdown when the situation was very critical for all of us, We never heard anything from him in terms of support.

It is wickedness and unfair, That is why today we have come out to say enough is enough, The World must hear our story and come to our rescue”. Miss Blessing Nwankwo (Representating Agric Annex of the Living Stone College)comica1597759387376

According to the Lead Coordinator of the protest Mr Omotayo Moses, A letter of complaint was issued on behalf of the staffs to the director of the school on the 3rd of August requesting the payments of salaries, And after much deliberations an agreement was signed which was presided over by the wife of the director and other Representatives from the teachers board. But it yielded no result from the director.Screenshot_20200818-153235


The level of inhumane treatment of this school administration can no longer be tolerated, This Institution has 32 Annex across Lagos State Including Ogun state. Before this Lockdown as a result of Covid-19 pandemic, This director has been owing staffs 5months salaries, How do they survive? This is now 9months without any appreciation from this school.Screenshot_20200818-155629

It is heartless and we are here today because we need to survive, what step do we take? If not to get our message across to not only Ikorodu but also to the Lagos State Governor Mr Babajide Olushola Sanwo-Olu to come to our aid on this issue. It is beyond what we can understand and the sufferings of our teachers are too much to bear”. Mr Omotayo MosesScreenshot_20200818-153256

“We are simply here to demand for our unpaid salaries, This salary stems from August 2019 up to March 2020 and every efforts we have made to ensure we receive our appreciation has been proved abortive which is unfair.

This lack of payment has exposed us to all sought of disgrace and humiliation, For an appreciation which we earnestly worked for? Now we can no longer provide for our families, We can’t even make ends meet anymore, Some of our staffs literarily died during this period of Pandemic and it is time for us to say enough is enough.

We need the support of well meaning Nigerians to come to our aid in order to compel this Institution to pay us our salaries. We worked for it and we must get it!” Mr Olatokun Oluwafemi (Representating Palmgroove Annex Of Living Stone College)


“We don’t need anymore working behind the scenes, We need our money immediately!. This is not the first time we are treated this way, Due to lack of our salary payments it has even become normal for us to receive the prior salary in a different month. It has become a norm but we have tolerated it due to the Nigerian system but this time around we cannot take it anymore, We have to reap the fruits of our labour and provide for our families”. Miss Solanke Oluwadamilola (Representating Shasha Annex Of The Living Stone College)Screenshot_20200818-153150

The Union, in extending their voice told Ikorodu News Network (INN) they will proceed from the school site to Ikorodu Local Government Secretariat & Afterwards March to the Palace Of The Ayangburen Of Ikorodu Kingdom (Oba Kabir Adewale Shotobi).


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  1. The reputation of the school is diminishing day by day. I blame parents that will take their ward to this school after this strike. A hungry teacher is an angry teacher.

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