It is a truism that in party politics the party is supreme. Therefore, individual aspirations tend to be controlled, subsumed and indeed submerged by party’s supremacy for the common good.

When I started my bid to represent the Lagos East Senatorial Zone at the Upper Chamber, it was with a vision to make a big difference based on my interactions and contacts throughout the five local governments and 11 LCDAs and wards in the Lagos East District.


I humbly bow to the party’s supremacy and it’s powers and wisdom. I thank our very dear leader Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the GAC leaders and the top echelon of our party in the state.

My happiness is that the coveted ticket goes to a very dear brother in whom I am well pleased, oluku mi, a gentleman, a professional and a great achiever Mr. Tokunbo Abiru. I warmly congratulate him and wish him success in the election.
I thank the numerous personalities and groups within and without the party, friends in the public and the private sectors and well-wishers across the entire Lagos East landscape.

Those who made private calls, chats and comments in various media, I say thanks to all of you.

And now ise ya. Let’s put our hand to the plough, rally round our own Abiru to win the election and set this blessed Senatorial District on a velocity that it deserves.
I pledge my full support.

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