5 Oct 2023


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Hon Rotimi Ogunleye is a former commissioner to the Lagos State Government for Commerce, Industry & Cooperatives from 2015-2018 and from there he was reshuffled to serve as commissioner for Physical Planning & Urban Development from 2018-2019. A Former Editior for Daily Times Group as A Journalist And A Legal Practisioner (Chartered Arbitrator) who is Based In Ikorodu.

INN: Can You Briefly Summarise your tenure in the government during the last Administration?

Hon Rotimi Ogunleye: Just like I told you my roles During my time working for the Government, We achieved alot, And i thank God because i feel fulfilled.

Though there are things we could not achieve due to circumstances beyond our control for example A shopping Mall was supposed to be erected in Ikorodu & The Eko Theatre was also supposed to be built here, Because in Ikorodu we are to be open to massive inflow of investment. But due to some circumstances beyond our control we could not Achieve it.

If we have open inflow of infrastructural development it will help our sector to improve and also bring better opportunities for education and employment. I believe the best is yet to come in Ikorodu as i remain positive.

INN: What can you say going forward as regards the after effect of Covid-19?

Hon Rotimi Ogunleye: It has been so unfortunate for us all because it is a pandemic and not epidemic, May God bless the souls of those the virus has claimed away from us.

With that said going forward, As stiff as the challenge it has also brought some other fallout in terms of procedures and approaches to life. In terms of technological approaches to the way of life and business in general.

I cannot say the effect of this pandemic would leave immediately but i believe we shall be adjusting as time goes on. Things have changed drastically, People now work from home, Holding series of meetings and conferences online.

Look at the Democratic convention just held in America was done virtually, That is how far life has changed in 2020. The reason for all this guidelines is to break the chain of infection going around which is for our own good.

INN: So the decision has been taken by your party for a selected candidate to occupy the Lagos East Senatorial seat, What can you add to your conceding publication?

Hon Rotimi Ogunleye: The Party is supreme, And when the party decides to move to a particular direction we must move along with the leadership.

INN: What about the candidate chosen for the seat, I want to believe at this point after conceding you should be making moves to support him?

Yes offcourse, Mr Tokunbo Abiru is well known to me, He was the Commissioner for Finance during Former Governor Babajide Raji Fashola’s tenure, And there after we had personal encounter, so i know him & am in full support of our party’s decision to rally round him. At the end of the day we want our party to be victorious, Thats the essence of it all.

INN: What Is Leadership to you?

Leadership is not plucked from the tree, It is inbuilt and also developed. It comes in with exponential situation. It brings unique challenges that we have not read in books due to our own unique pathway in life.

There are some issues that arise in leadership, even if you have PHD in business management you cannot handle it onless you have the inbuilt quality to overcome it.

Reading books has also been a plus for me coming up because it enriched me with alot of ideas on directions to take in my career path which our youth should also subscribe to.

Coming to Ikorodu our youths are all trying their best, I believe if they are given more opportunities they will thrive better. We have highly qualified youths rooming about because they lack guidance and mentorship to help them chase their vision vigorously.

Now on politics even our educated youths must partake more in it, I started partaking in Politics even when i was an undergraduate because i was keen on knowing the rudiments of politics even though i was operating at the private sector.

The government should also work more on creating better opportunities for our youths because we have alot of bright intellectual individuals out there.

Am not a fan of sitting in the office all day, I like delving into endeavours that will broaden my insight and so our youth must be versatile in their search for a great future because relying on the government might not be fair enough for them.

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