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Aug 23, 2020

The Ikorodu Metro Lions Club in continuation of marking the World Youth Day Once again achieved another mile stone by empowering over 30 youths in Ikorodu.

It was all about skill acquisitions that spanned for more than 3 hours at the Teachers House, Methodist Primary School Complex as the young minds was taken on three different sessions ranging from Make-Up, Gele Training & Tie and Dye Respectively.

As the program commenced the youths was trained on the essence of becoming a ‘Club Officer’, In responding to the responsible course of the club which was targeted at President, Secretary & Treasurer Roles.

In Ikorodu which is the Region 2 of the Lions Club contains 6 clubs and their Leos where all represented at the empowerment training.

According to the region director of region 2, Miss Leo Monsurat Akindiat, The empowernemt program was very essential for the Leos at this time in order to help them grow and adjust to the changing economic situations and challenges faced today.

“The Experience has been Educating and Entertaining on the go, We have learnt alot today and i believe it will help all our youths to imbibe plan B source of income which will come in handy and help them grow in their respective endeavors in life”.

In the high point of the program Lion Mrs Adekuga Sekirat (Leo Advisor for 2020) who took the youths on Tie & Dye (Adire) session stressed that the youths needed to get involved in the process because it will create an extra learning for them.

“I did not only explain to them i also gave them practicals as you can see simply because most of them are in school and this will go a long way to help them if they can market it and help themselves.

The Lions club centres to all ages and since this month is specially dedicated to the youth then Programs like this is very necessary for them” Lion Adekuga Added

The President Of the Ikorodu Metro Lions Club, Lion Mrs Adefunke Esan NLCF who was also on ground with her entire leadership members to execute the project, Spoke with Ikorodu News Network (INN) on the objectives of the empowerment program.

Last year we organised a program of this nature, August is actually meant for the youth, Around this time last year we trainned them on preparing small chops and interior decoration, But due to the pandemic we had to plan on organising a training of this status to enable us adhere to the guidelines of Covid-19″ Lion Adefunke Esan Stated

Today we have the 5 represntatives each from the Igbogbo Platinum Leo, Imota Leo, Ikorodu Metro Leo, Ikorodu Diamond Leo, Golden Leo & The Laspotech Leo for this empowernment Program.

These youth must be entrepreneur conscious because most of them are in school but as of present they have been sitting at home doing noting.

In order to keep them engaged and prevent them from scouting out for illegal money, With such empowerment they will be preoccupied to make ends meet.

Just look at the time spent on the practicals since morning and they are still here learning, It means they find it interesting and needs the training”Mrs Adefunke Added

At the end of the training certificates was issued to all participants as the club promised to further support them for a special start up palliative to help them advance the empowerment.

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