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It was all about dialogue at the Adegboruwa’s Palace on August 25th 2020 in Igbogbo, Ikorodu.

Indigenes from Agunfoye Community converged to seek the Intervention of the Oba of Igbogbo land over a long term disputes within families which has continued to lingered.

The disputes which exists between the ADEYORUWA family on allegations Of Land Grabbing & falseful ownership claims of Community properties has escalated into verbal threats and Fighting on Consecutive basis, Resulting to Unrest and chaos to the inhabitants of the Agunfoye Community in Ikorodu.

Represented by Leaders at the palace was members of the KUTI FAMILY, SHOPENO FAMILY, OYEKAN FAMILY & ADERUFE FAMILY.

As they were all given the floor to present their case and clarify the essence of the current crisis it was clearly obvious that peace was the goal for the gathering.

The Oba of Igbogbo land, OBA SEMIUDEEN ORIMADEGUN KASALI, thanked every members of the family that condescended to bringing the issue before the royal Leadership for solution and urged every family to embrace peace and unity while proper resolve will be rendered to the fracas.

Urging the Leaders not to misinform their younger generation in order to prevent further unnecessary misunderstanding and turmoil, The Adegboruwa Of Igbogbo Land admonished all families involved to work together and live in peace for the sake of the inhabitants in the community of Agunfoye and the entire Ikorodu Region.

Speaking to Ikorodu News Network (INN) after dissolving the meeting The Oba stated that the Issue is long standing and meetings has been held prior, But due to some unwanted Development steaming up from the dispute there was need to call everyone involved to order.

This Palace will not be here and watch the issue spin out of control, It was necessary we Intervened to quench any brewing tensions amongst the families in question” OBA SEMIUDEEN ORIMADEGUN KASALI

If you closely observed, Every member of the family was given the platform to explain and express themselves on the ills

of the issue, But the ultimate resolve of everybody was the need for a peaceful coexistence, And what we’re doing here is to partner with them and call all families involved together, exploring all mediums to resolve every existing fractions between them and give them a positive dialogue” OBA SEMIUDEEN ORIMADEGUN KASALI Added.

The Situation was actually getting out of hand and our intent was to stage up a rally at the palace today tagged “Save Our Souls” due to the escalation of this disputes, But we thank God for the Intervention of our Kabiyesi, The Adegboruwa Of Igbogbo Land, His Contributions & advocacy for peace and unity on this matter and we are confident that the Solution we have been clamoring for has finally come to the Agunfoye Community” Olawale Abdulai (Asiwaju Of Igbogbo Central Mosque)

We came for peace to reign in Agunfoye Community. The Constant fighting and Police report going back and forth is never good for the development of the community.

This problem has actually burdened us for over 10years, But today my expectations is Positive that peace will finally reign on us and I thank our Kabiyesi for his Intervention” Chief Felix Bakare (Principal Member Of OYEKAN FAMILY)

We are very hopeful today and we thank God for Kabiyesi’s Contributions to quench this growing tension between us. We will not be looking at the past and problems anymore, thus our focus is the way forward, which is for peace and harmony to Come into Agunfoye Community” Adam Birigbe (Principal Member Of SHOPENO FAMILY)

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