3 Oct 2023


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How Acute Water Shortage May Jeopardize CoVid-19 Response In Lagos State was the theme of the program as Hon Oluwatosin Onamade from Ijede LCDA Teams Up With The Corporate Accountability & Public Participation Africa.

The Program which centered in community access to clean and portable water systems also hosted Indigenes from several parts of Ijede LCDA in Ikorodu on both empowernment and interactive session.

At the program Introduction according to CAPPA:

Most of the waterworks in Lagos are functioning epileptically and far below installed capacity.

Some of the waterworks are completely shut.

There is a growing Apprehension amongst Lagos residents over water shortages.

Mr Phillips Dapo an executive member of CAPPA stressed the need for Community residents to stand up and lay complaints to the government for urgent attention and provisions to the water Infrastructures.

We are here for two reasons, one is to find out about the state of water in Ikorodu and also to find out how the state government has responded in terms of providing adequate water for the people to tackle Covid-19.

It’s not very encouraging because people are saying here that the waterworks have not been functioning for a long time. They find it difficult to access good water and the implications of this findings on the health of inhabitants is not Positive.” Mr Dapo

What we are doing here today we have done in other local government areas in Lagos state, Including Somolu, Bariga, Epe and others Areas.

We believe it is time for the State Government to declare a State of Emergency in the water sector which should be matched with immediate actions to ensure that all the waterworks across the state is functioning Effectively. And the State Government must Commit itself Budget Wise in order to avoid this epileptic form of water supplies across the State.

We also believe that the government should shun privatization which we have perceived as one of the reason the waterworks have been neglected and given privatization full access to come in.

We have visited 11 local government area in Lagos State so far and all these area demands the same urgent attention as regards water supplies and we are urging our local government to sit up on this issues to get proper solution and maintenance in the communityMr Dapo Added

Miss Aderunke Ige also a delegate from CAPPA stressed the essence of the program as an enlightenment and public engagement platform to carry along Communities on public interest issues.

Our water is our Right and we are here to tell the people that Water is key to livelihood and the privatization of water is not the way forward for our grassroot Communities. Now we have come to know two things, Is the water in Ijede LCDA Affordable? is it Accessible?Aderunke Ige

“We have Federal, State & the Local Government, But it almost looks like the function of the local government is not visible. The local government are the closest to the grassroots and so they must begin to make their Responsibilities pronounced as they are the voice of the people” Aderunke Added

At the interactive session some Indigenes present aired their views on the delapidated water supplies in Ijede LCDA seeking support from the Government to assist & provide better Infrastructures to help the masses at this time of Covid-19.

Hon Oluwatosin Onamade the initiator and host of the program Appreciated the presence of CAPPA and inhabitants of Ijede LCDA stating that the Challenges at hand as regards Adequate Water Supplies is synonymous with all local government but with a unified voice and message, The support needed from the government will be received in due time.

Yes we need portable water and better access to help our people in this period, It is very important because those who don’t have money needs good health to stay hopeful and this program is centered at messaging our State Government to look into Good water provision for our people” Hon Oluwatosin

You must also note that if our people have adequate water supplies I believe there would be less problem on the side of Electricity which is complicating the whole Challenge for our communities today. But all we are saying is that the government needs to step in now and ensure our people get good water for their children and the entire family” Hon Oluwatosin Added

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