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Aug 30, 2020 ,

Primero Nigeria Limited, Operators of the Blue BRT Buses, Is a Well Known public mass transit service organization that routes frequently from Ikorodu to the TBS.

On the 29th of August the company delivered a civic responsibility in Ikorodu that wasn’t expected at this time of health crisis in Lagos State.

The managing director, Mr Fola Tinubu and his senior staffs together with other members of the company, On Saturday implemented a healthy sanitization and Distribution of about 10,000 facemasks across the busiest axis of Ikorodu Division.

The health awareness campaign and support started from their Main Terminal at Ikorodu Garage roundabout, went across the busy sections of Ojubode, down to Eturenren, Owolowo axis and also towards the Ayangburen Section leading towards Ebute area of Ikorodu.

The Initiative which lasted for over four hours gained the attention of commuters, market Individuals, traders and passerby as the awareness at each stops saw the Primero boss and his staffs cleaned gutters and evacuated dirts for a stationed LAWMA disposal truck to mobilize Consecutively.

As the sensitisation approached the Ayangburen Palace of Ikorodu, Mr Fola Tinubu ushered his entire team into the Oba of Ikorodu’s palace Briefly for clean ups and paying homage to the traditional ruler of the region.

Oba Kabir Adewale Shotobi, HRM The Ayangburen of Ikorodu Kingdom Subsequently came out to acknowledge the team and appreciate their generous Venture, positioned towards adding Positive values towards the inhabitants of Ikorodu Division.

When you started executing your goodwill course earlier today, I had eyes out there watching the process and movement, And indeed I must Appreciate the Managing Director in the Person of Mr Fola Tinubu and his entire Primero Nig LTD staffs for taken out time today out of a very busy week they must have had to visit Ikorodu with such health oriented Initiative at a time when it is needed the most” Oba Kabir Adewale Shotobi

Ikorodu really appreciate your support today and I pray that as you have measured to sanitize this central region, God will also sanitize your homes, businesses and careers” Oba Kabir Adewale Shotobi prayed for the entire Primero team

Also Speaking at the palace before exiting, The Managing Director of the company Mr Fola Tinubu puts more light to the essence of initiating the sanitation program which he simultaneously used to felicitate with the Collective efforts of his staffs.

We live in Ikorodu, we shuttle Ikorodu and we do business in Ikorodu, It will only be right for us to also exercise our social responsibilities in Ikorodu.

At this point in time what could be more proper of an initiative if not keep our Environment clean.

The state of our Environment in Lagos could be much more better, Which is why we are coming together to achieve this today, I have to specially thank all my staffs for making themselves Available on a Saturday morning like this, after their weekly routines to support this course, They all made this Initiative the success we are withnessing today and am grateful to every single one of them” Fola Tinubu

“We love to give back to the society that we are servicing on a regular basis, And that is why we are here Today, To Activate this cleaning Exercise which I would also suggests other Institutions and companies across Lagos state engage in simply because we must keep Lagos State clean at all times.

We have done our bid and it’s my believe that the road users and traders will follow it up by ensuring they Maintain the spirit of sanity for the Health and safety of the entire community.

For us this is not the end, Subsequently we shall be looking at other regions and Communities to also reachout and sanitize just like we have done here in Ikorodu today, when we pinpoint and make our next move, You will be very well informed and carried along” Mr Fola Tinubu Added.

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