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Sep 2, 2020 ,

Lagos State today joins the rest of the World in commemorating Year 2020 World Coconut Day with the theme: ‘Coconut in the 21st Century Economy’ at the Farm Service Center, Agege.

It was all about Lecture, Certification, Exhibition and Entertainment at the Service Centre that hosted dignitaries, Stakeholders and Institutions across the State.

The World Coconut Day Celebration which has been marked consecutively since 2018 was made even more Significant due to the current Administration, Babajide Sanwo-Olu’s stride to make boom the sector through it’s Ministry of Agriculture.

Coconut is the mainstay of the Philistines, Indonesia & India, and I want to urge our Stakeholders to cash in on the value of coconut, the authorities should vamp up the coconut sector in Lagos State, in all am truly proud of the organisers of the world coconut day Celebration in Lagos State.

With such Celebration it is also an awareness campaign for more like-minded individuals and Professionals to come into this area of Agriculture for the purpose of growth and development”. Hon Gani Osolawon

Coconut is a functional food in the sense that what is reaped from it is more than what is expected. Coconut extract does better for our Health.

Nigeria is the 18th coconut producing nation in the world and the 5th in Africa. Ironically the best of it is produced here in Lagos state. Coconut is very important to Lagos State that is why in our crest you would find 2coconut plant by it.

In 2002 the federal government identified 6 Coconut producing state. Producing coconut oil is not as Simple as it might look, the process are complex and thus empowernment of both human and materials resources is included at a high level, it indicate it’s Significance. We should know the crop and identify it’s adequate Stakeholders.

We can actually say coconut will help in different health areas but if the health experts does not validate it then it is futile.

There is also need to be a constant training for those who venture into the coconut industry & There must be provision for a coconut Endowment fund”. Dr. J.O Odewale

Special Performance By The Agunke Group from Badagry

Since 2018 we have been celebrating world coconut day.

Since Lagos state is the largest producing coconut state in Nigeria, With a Celebration of this nature, creating platform for networking and promoting enterprise, goes a long way to support the industry.

There is a plan by this Administration to structure a coconut manufacturing plant in Badagry by 2021.

We are working to support coconut farmers in Lagos state. If you taste the Eko coconut bread you won’t border eating another bread. It is rich and good for the body in totality.

The coconut tree is very useful with alot of health advantages.
By next year this exhibition would be greater & more richer due to varieties of end products gained from coconut that would be introduced to our Lagos market by 2021.

We don’t need to stay at the level we are, Instead let’s attract others to the sector and create a big industry out of coconut in Lagos State.

“Coconut in the 21St Century Economy” is aimed at creating awareness for the promotion of production, processing, utilization and commercialization of the coconut value chain.

At this point i want to thank our special guests both from the Lagos state government & the Lagos State house of assembly, Lascoda team I want to Appreciate your Coordination and uniformity, And to Access Bank, Farmers & all our exhibitors”. Ms Abisola Ruth Olusanya (Acting Commissioner For Agriculture Lagos State)

The program followed with the exhibition from different Coconut outlets present at the event.

We really appreciate the Hon Acting Commissioner For Agriculture Lagos State, Our guests, partners and exhibitors present here today, Together we have made this event memorable, I also want to use this medium to thank our LASCODIANS, We did it. Mr John Olakunleyi (General manager of Lascoda)

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