The National Youth Council of Nigeria, Imota Local Council Development Area Branch is an umbrella body for all the youth organizations which was established by the National Youth Policy and the Lagos State Youth policy encompasses all Voluntary Youth Organizations (VYOs), Uniform Youth Organizations (UYOs), Community Based Organisations (CBOs), Youth Social Clubs (YSCs), Religious and Political Youth Organizations within Imota LCDA. It is our pleasure to draft and present our views and contribute to draft report on Ikorodu Sub-Region master plan.

The Ikorodu Sub-Region Master Plan is a documented operative plan that is expected to guide all the physical, social and economic activities of Ikorodu sub-region between 2016 and 2036 after the old Lagos Regional Land Use Plan had expired for over a decade. The master plan considered the current physical development trends to plan towards the future.


  • The issue of inter-State boundary in Ikorodu sub-region plan: The failure to recognize the traditional boundaries in the sub-region master plan is a minus for the entire Imota Local Development Area considering her vast land space with Ogun State. It is therefore very important for the Lagos State Government to put into consideration the need for boundary adjustment as related to the current adjustment in the new developmental plan.
  • The issue of Local Council Development Areas boundary in Ikorodu sub-region master plan: it was discovered that the boundary between Imota LCDA and Ikorodu North LCDA has been done with mischief which can be further clarified in reference to the Office of the Surveyor-General of Lagos State documentation as the boundary is now Itokin road Axis. In essence, the current plan have sold the entire area of the left hand side coming from Ikorodu and and starting from Aleke area to Caleb University, Imota Community Grammar School, Agudungbu Area all the way to the regional market site now fall under Ikorodu North LCDA. The Ikorodu sub -region master plan now posits for proper reviews and clarifications on the boundary issue
  • The issue of land under Acquisition in Ikorodu Sub-Region Master Plan: it is pertinent to note that Imota LCDA has the largest land space in the Ikorodu Sub-Region under acquisition but with the least level of encroachment. It is advised that excision should be vigorously pursued to allow for expansion, otherwise, demolition of properties will be inevitable if the State Government desires to recover encroached area.
  • The issue of proposed Boundary Road in Ikorodu Sub-Region Master Plan: This issue runs parallel to the existing Inter-State boundary and would negatively impact on ongoing developments.


  • Most of the geographical areas that were formerly earmarked and designated for Agricultural use and Institutional use within Ikorodu Sub-Region had been illegally hijacked and overruled by residential developers which further made property developers/owners of such areas to find it more difficult to get Planning Permits/approval for their properties. However, with this new development in the State, owners of such properties can now update their documents to reflect the current situation and such property developers/owners can now get their properties approved. This will also lead to development in provision of housing especially by the private sector.
  • The Ikorodu Sub-Region Master Plan makes provision for all the activities centres to stand to serve as focal points for economic, social and physical developments in different strategic locations all around the Ikorodu Sub-Region, such as major community centres, water fronts, et. al. The activities centres are majorly proposed for commercial use, recreational use, institutional use, high-density residential use or mixed of all the uses.
  • In the Master Plan, all the Local Council Development Areas under Ikorodu sub-region are now planned to be self-sustaining without depending on the Ikorodu major town. Each of these Development areas now have their own Central Business Districts (CBD) that are strictly meant only for commercial developments to cater for all forms of commercial activities like corporates offices, shopping/retail malls, cinemas/theatre halls, event centres, education complexes, etc.
  • The emergence of new road network and linkages in the master plan. The Sub-Region master plan gives existing major and minor roads to be linked with proposed road networks to ease traffic bottlenecks/congestions in and around Ikorodu sub-region. Most of the major and minor roads are also proposed to be widened to accommodate more vehicular, pedestrian and cyclic movements.
  • Rehabilitation of Drainages:The plan provides for upgrading of existing primary and secondary drainage channels and also design for new drainage facilities in order to solve the problems of flooding and erosion in Ikorodu sub-region


  • There is need for the master plan to clearly mark out locations for major activities such as organized motor garage/motor parks, organized retail markets/commodities markets, organized shopping malls, open recreation parks/sporting centres, theatres/cinemas within Ikorodu sub-region areas
  • The master plan needs to provide an improvement in the road inter-connectivities and intra-connectivities to link up major communities and communities in Ikorodu Sub-Region Areas.

In conclusion, as a critical stakeholder in Imota LCDA and a group of development crusader and supporter of progressive change in our dear Lagos State. We respectfully demand and call your attention to the above highlighted issues forthe sake of even development in Imota LCDA. We will continue to support the Lagos State Government in all her developmental agenda and key into the vision of making Lagos State a mega city.

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