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1) Tears are secreted by a gland known as lacrimal gland. So instead of saying, Chelsea fans are crying, you can say, “They are lacrimating”.

2) Goats and rabbits are the only mammals without lacrimal gland.

3) There are three types of tears

Basal tears: this tear plays a role in lubricating the eyes and keeping it moist. Problem with this will usually result in dry and itchy eyes.

Reflex tears: when you cut onions or eat excessively peppery foods, tear response to this is known as reflex tears. It is secreted to remove irritants and aid the immune system.

Emotional tears: This tear is secreted as an emotional response to pain, joy or grief. Generally, it is called weeping or crying.

4) Emotional tears induces stress hormones and also plays a role in balancing them. Ever experienced peace after crying deeply ? Well, this is part of it.

5) Emotional tears contain Leu-enkephalins which is a natural painkiller Ever wondered why crying makes you feel better sometimes? Well, this plays a role.

6) Tears are composed of water, salts, antibodies and lysozyme.

7) The lysozyme contained in tears play an antibacterial role as it is an antibacterial enzyme. Helping protect the eyes from certain germs.

8) Humans are the only mammals to produce tears as part of an emotional response such as joy or grief. Or fake it as in Crocodile tears.

9) Tears are made up of three layers: Lipid, aqueous and mucous layer.

10) The composition of different tears varies. When you cry because of pain, the content is usually different to when you tear because of an irritant like cut onions.

11) Excessive tears(crying) causes runny nose, this is because there is a connection between the lacrimal gland(tear gland) and the nasal cavity.

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