3 Oct 2023


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As the DG touched down Ikorodu on the 18th of September 2020, His first stop was at the Ipakodo Primary School where he was hosted by the members and volunteers of the IPAKODO LIONS CLUB in Ikorodu.

The Program which also had Sekumade of Ipakodo, Oba Engr. Bashir Aremu Shotonwa who was firmly represented by his high chief Olutayo Sotomiwa the Olisa Of Ipakodo Kingdom and members of the entire Region 4 District 404A1 Nigeria, leaved up to the DG’s expectations as it projected supporting a community based less privileged children with an enhanced hearing device.

On behalf of the Sekumade Of Ipakodo I am excited to be here and make full representation as all protocol is fully observed. When I was told about the nature of this program I had no reason to miss it simply because Lions club has always been well recognised with a heartfelt service to humanity” Chief Sotomiwa

It should be noted that as we acknowledge the support of this club in Ipakodo Community, I want to let the leadership and the DG plus his cabinet members know that the traditional body in Ipakodo Community is also trying it’s best to make live better for it’s residence as we’re also key on security and job creation.

This program is a welcome idea I wish to ask the club for more support in everyway they can in their own capacity. The reviving of our community like they say it’s not for the government alone but for us all, And at this moment I want to pray for the Ipakodo Lions Club that God will continue to supply them to doing more” Chief Sotomiwa Added

Representing the school and the Child Support Program Mrs Felicia Obilo thanked the club for their support towards the school and the children stressing for more support.

In as much as I want to earnestly thank the DG and the entire Ipakodo Lions club, I also want to solicit you for more support. Our children will be resuming very soon and we lack alot of items, We would appreciate more of your assistance” Mrs Felicia added.

Mr Lucky Duru NLCF, President of Ipakodo Lions club acknowledged the DG for making Ipakodo Community his first stop while also thanking other members present at the event.

What we have done is to acquire enhance hearing device to aid the less privileged children good hearing abilities. We have achieved this with the best of our capacity and we know it will go a long way to help learn effectively.

When a child is deprived from quality ways of life, They become miscreants to the communities, But believe me that the case of this children are different as we are going to support them as much as can” Lion Duru added

The hearing device was commissioned by the DG and thereafter shared among the children.

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