5 Oct 2023


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Ikorodu News Network (INN) Had an extensive online Interview Session with the Executives of DE. VANGUARD. A youth Inclusive Political movement that emanated from Igbogbo Baiyeku LCDA of Ikorodu, But the Movement has a broader and National foresight with aims to rally youths across board for an active Political Participation.



DE. VANGUARD: De. Vanguard is youth political movement with our core interest on political participation.

We aim to improve the political participation of our people while also engendering community development.

Summarily, we stand for political participation and community development.

We actually started from igbogbo but with time we will spread across ikorodu division and Lagos State at large. De. vanguard is a platform formed to drive development through active participation in decision making, formation of policies and programmes of Government to meet yearnings and aspirations of the citizens. Not only participating in party politics but active participation & learning the process of the game called politics.

INN: When you say “To Improve Political Participation” Is it from a neutral stand point or you’re Affiliating with an already known Political party?

DE. VANGUARD: At De. Vanguard, we have decided that our members should join any of the leading political party with the intention of getting involved. Yes, what we agreed on is to affiliate with two major political party that are well recognised in the country which is APC and PDP whichever any of our members ideology works with. De-Vanguard has recommended the 2 major political parties in the country to engage actively in respect to the political ideology of such party, Representating for members to adopt.

INN: What are your aims and objectives?

DE. VANGUARD: Our aims and objectives are not different from what has been highlighted earlier but will highlighted emphatically

  1. Political Participation
    Our primary objective is to ensure active participation in political activities through the two major political wheels adopted by us, occupying the political space and becoming relevant stakeholders in the decision making process.
  2. Community Development
    Corollary to our core objective of political participation is our development goal I.e using political power to achieve development for our community, we frown against neutrality in political activities because we are aware no meaningful development can be attracted without politics.
  3. Changing the narratives
    By joining the politics we do not intend to join the bandwagon , we want to corroborate the good existing efforts in place and adding our own spice and value to their activities

INN: Right now, what is your membership capacity?

DE. VANGUARD: Currently we over 400 members, membership registration is an ongoing thing. We are not desperate for power as our major agenda is community development, By so doing we have present serving member of the local government administration with us, Also aspiring members so we will continue to encourage members to contest. We will not only encourage our people to contest, We will be involve in governance with them so that they will not derail from co-objective of serving the electorates.

INN: If you looked at how the Race to occupy the Lagos East Senatorial Seat started. Alot of candidates showed interest (in APC). All of a sudden all candidates conceded to another candidate chosen by the Political leaders. When it got to that point before the Decision was made, As a youth Political Movement, What would have been your advice to Political leaders of the party?

DE. VANGUARD: Our advise would have been internal democracy should be allowed. To allow people make their choice in conformity with the party constitution. Consensus is one of the process for the emergence of candidate in the party once such process is enshrined in the constitution of the party nothing wrong with it,also despite the consensual agreement the candidacy will be ratified by the members.

INN: Mid next year we shall be looking at the Local Government Elections coming up, What would be the role of De. Vanguard as the LCDA’S in Ikorodu would Encounter a paradigm shift.

DE. VANGUARD: Yes, We have started this process. We have been encouraging our members to take part in the process actively by contesting for elective positions. This process has started with lobbying currently ongoing within political parties for party ticket. De. Vanguard will not only be involved in relation to only elective offices, we will agitate for appointment and more involvement of the youth into the LCDA and general administration of the LCDA.

We’ll surely encourage our members to participate actively by aspiring for elective position. Infact we see the election as great avenue for us to further re-launch our intention.

Be rest assured De-vanguard we take that election opportunity to propagate the movement. We will make sure we support any candidate that identify with us and that we know his/her ideology works with us and the ideology of community development.

We have actually woke up from our slumber and we will actually participate actively in making a better candidate emerge.

INN: Where do you see this movement in the next five years?

DE. VANGUARD: With the current pace, it is certain the movement is growing in leaps and bounds.

The next five years is a significant timeline to measure the success of the movement, we would have participated in the local and general elections, we would have more members at the helms of affairs and would be able to implement majority of our ideologies.

In a nutshell, the next five years all things being equal, De.Vanguard would have transformed into the foremost political network and a great force to be reckon with politically.

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