1 Dec 2023


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  1. Folic acid is essential for pregnant women as it cuts the risks of certain serious birth defects like Spina bifida (defect to the spine) and Anencephaly (a serious birth defect where the child is born without part of his/her skull and brain).

2) Amniocentesis is a medical procedure which can be used prenatally for the detection of chromosomal abnormalities like Down syndrome.

3) Milk is not actually good for your ulcer, it would actually result in increased acidity in the stomach, yoghurt is better it contains probiotics that a good for your stomach.


5)Air-popped popcorn without additives like sugar, milk and the likes is actually the healthiest snack. With loads of vitamins and nutrients.

6) Vasoprin is actually low dose aspirin. It can be used as a blood thinner, significantly reducing the risks of strokes and incidents of heart attack.

7) Actually all tears are not the same. There are three types of tears. The reflex tear, basal tear, and emotional tear.

8) Emotional tear contains Leu-enkephalins which is a natural painkiller. Wonder why you feel relaxed and peaceful after crying ? Well, you just got yourself some free painkillers. Sometimes, you even sleep after crying. The natural painkiller is part of the reason.

9)A drug known as “KROKODIL” is a painkiller used for the treatment of severe pain and also as a sedative but with usage, it was discovered that the drug is a FLESH EATING DRUG. So it was banned.

10) Being overweight can lead to insulin resistance with a resultant type 2 diabetes.

11) There are two types of cholesterol. Good and bad cholesterol. Just like the name implies. The good one is good for you and the bad one is definitely bad for you.

12) Tomatoes is good for the prostate, it contains a powerful antioxidant known as lycopene. This may help prevent prostrate cancer.

13) Sildenafil(Viagra) was actually created to treat hypertension and chest pain due to heart attack. It present use in the treatment of erectile dysfunction is simply an accidental discovery during the clinical trials of the drug.

14) Designer drugs are drugs which a made to mimic the effects of the original drug while avoiding classification as illegal and/or detection in standard drug test. It is still harmful to the health and should be avoided.

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