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To celebrate the Significance of Nigeria at 60 and the need to positively nurture the mindset of the youths in Lagos State, The
National Deputy Chairman Of The Association Of Local Government Vice-chairman Of Nigeria And The Vice Chairman Of Ikorodu Local Government, Honorable Princess Folashade Olabanji-Oba organised an orientation and empowernment program in Ikorodu On the 3rd Of October.

Tagged ‘The Reflection, The Charge & The Training’, The program was meant to build up the mindset of the youths and teenagers alike on a fertile ground to Dream and set positive goals for their various Aspirations.

The Initiative which Commemorates The Federal Republic of Nigeria at 60 was also designed to teach Participants On Branding and Blog creation as a means of advancing their varieties of skills acquired, Thus becoming more productive to the communities and society at large.

Pegrite Place Ebute was the venue which hosted youths from the different LCDA’S in Ikorodu local government.

The best way for us to mark this independence is for all of us to add value to our country Nigeria. We must make the kind of difference that will make people ask us this question “Are You A Nigerian?”, Because all over the world Nigerians are making Impact & it is only right we celebrate every of our postive Strides” Princess Folashade Olabanji-Oba

Whenever I learn something new I call my children and share the experience with them because it is exciting to be at the top of every form of ‘Learning’, There is absolute Power in KNOWLEDGE, It makes you possess the advantageous Edge at the helm of your career affairs.

This is why coming here today to gain this free orientation is key to your success in life. The degree or qualifications you have achieved will simply add up to give you the propeller in terms of infusing this knowledge to advance your talents, skills, services or businesses” Princess Folashade

We will not be young forever, Time is priceless that is why we must Constantly engage our minds to get results as we climb the leather of success.

Remember, it is the cow that you feed grows, And it is whatsoever you feed it with that will manifest in it’s outcome, If you feed yourself with negativity, you will produce negative fruit to Nigeria, But if you feed yourself positively, You will be so proud of your outcome in life, because people will celebrate you.

I want to believe that everyone sitting here is an emerging leader that Nigeria will be proud, And come on to the nearest future, I want to see you on the way and be so proud of you, Because today we have become one family” Princess Folashade Olabanji-Oba Added

All participants was able to grasp the essence of Branding as a means of expanding their services and products at the empowernment, While 11 Participants successfully launched their Blog site at the Training venue as the orientation was stated by the trainer (Eromona Michael {Ikorodu News Network INN Coordinator}) to progress for the rest of October via social media platform.

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