Ikorodu Metropolitan Lions Club in District 404A1 Nigeria Celebrates World Sight Day At Odogunyan area of Ikorodu, Catering for residents with sightsee deficiencies.

The venue was the Odogunyan Town Hall where the club hosted close to 300 Individuals from 9am till 2pm administering, diagnosing and prescribing free eye glasses to inhabitants of the community.

If we say we have the capacity to cater for everyone, then we are lying, We’re trying our best and playing our role as a service group to elevate the community. We never knew about this town but we saw the need to support and was directed here to help the people” Lion Tunji Oredipe NLCF (Chairperson for lions project 2020)

The Lady that walked pass now spoke in yoruba dialect to her husband, That the moment she used our corrected glass, Her sight was fully regained, This speaks volume to the type of service we deliver. We want Ikorodu people to know that even when there is no means & all hope is gone, we are here to extend our support capacity to as far as we can reachout” Lion Tunji Added

According to the President of the Ikorodu Metro Lions club, The Month Of October is termed ‘Vision Month’ which is specially set aside for people with sight issues as they delivered Free Eye Screening, Free corrected Glasses and Free Cataract Operations.

The program which was organised by the Ikorodu Metro Lions club partnered with the Eye Foundation and received positive reviews from Participants in Odogunyan Town as also students from Odogunyan Grammer school took part of the screening.

“You know where there is a need there is always a Lion, That is why on every October of each year, We target people with eye deficiencies and Challenges. As We are here today, You can see the tremendous crowd of people been arranged for the Screening process” Lion Adefunke Esan NLCF (President Ikorodu Metropolitan Lions Club)

“Our service is always to compliment the efforts of the government since they cannot do it by themselves. With this program you can actually see the number of people in this community suffering from eyes problems. After the screening there are some people that will be selected for the cataract surgery subsequently” Lion Adefunke Esan Added

In all the club ended up screening 233 people, issuing 121 free eye glasses to residents and also selected 22 persons for special cataract surgery subsequently.

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