The Deputy Medical Director, General Hospital, Ijede, Dr. Olumuyiwa Balogun-Oluwa has harped on the importance of excellent and humane services by healthcare providers and the entire staff of the hospital, stressing that effective display of customer-centric skills helps prevent avoidable crisis in every organisation.

Dr. Balogun-Oluwa, who made the assertion in his address at a seminar organised by the facility for Management and Staff as part of activities to celebrate the Year 2020 Customer Service Week, noted that a major contributory factor to organisational failure is poor customer service, saying that “Clients become frustrated over small problems that are not addressed, such as bad communication and ignored requests, among others”. 

He stated further that for an organisation to thrive, clients request must be addressed in a timely manner and where such requests encounter any delay, the concerned persons must be duly informed, adding that efforts must always be intensified to avoid a breakdown in communication.

In his words; “Research shows that 97% of customers will tell others about very good or excellent customer service experience, 70% will spend more money with an organisation that has good service experience, 24% will return to business two or more years after a good customer service experience while 59% will try a new company to receive customer service”.

To have excellent customer service skills, Balogun-Oluwa opined that service providers must have good communication skills, organisational skills, self-control and subject matter expertise among several other qualities, asserting that managing a difficult conversation with customers requires absolute caution on the part of service providers in order to avoid being quoted out of context. 

“Good customer service is important because a better relationship is established every time the expectation of a client is met or surpassed. Customer Service also provides value, retains customers, creates endorsement and also prevents business failure”, he asserted. 

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