5 Oct 2023


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The event on the 20th October,2020 remains a tragic reflection of our society and unarguably one of the darkest side of our history, it becomes more depressing realizing that those who have been handed the duty to protect lives and property of the Citizens are at the forefront of the attack and are perpetrators of this attack.

De.Vanguard extends her sympathy to all victims of the brutality as well as their families, we align with them in this gory period and pray for the repose of the soul of the dead.

We join our voices with the genuine voices of Nigerians in demanding justice for the victims, we urge the Governor of Lagos State,Mr Babajide Sanwoolu and President Muhammadu Buhari,to rise up to their responsibilities as Chief Security Officer of the State and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces respectively,by ensuring no further lives is lost to this brutality.

To our dear youths, the genuine advocates for good governance and proponents of the #EndSars gospel, Indeed a statement has been made by you, your agitations has been loud enough and difficult for anyone to feign ignorance, this is the time to result to dialogue and ensure all requests are met in reality, this is the worthy recompense for those who lost their lives to the struggle, we should not allow hoodlums take advantage of our sincere agitations, the properties being set ablaze and vandalized are not government’s property in reality but the people’s asset that we must all jealously guard, any harm done to them are equally done to the people.

We hereby advise the following to calm this heated period and ensure peace across the nation;

  • Obey Government directives by staying at home until the curfew is relaxed.
  • Avoid unnecessary and sentimental tribal and political insinuations, it will only aggravate the situation.
  • We should not desist from engaging the government constructively at all levels on issues of governance as it will not be business as usual.
  • The spread of fake and unverified information especially as it concerns this subject matter should be stopped, this is further heating up the atmosphere.

Lastly, This is the time to appoint genuine leaders for the cause, leaders whose antecedents have proven their sincerity to this struggle and who possesses the true negotiation skill to drive in our demands not leaders who observe their usual table manners of not talking when they are eating.

Like the proverbial ram that moves backwards to bring more power,our retreat is not to surrender but to reinforce and restartegize to bring about the desired overhaul in the system.

This is the first step to build a country where peace and justice reigns in perpetuity.

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