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Oct 23, 2020

I write to thank you immensely for showing great restraint in the destruction of public properties put within our care by the Federal, State and Local Governments despite provocations.

You have handled issues and bottled up frustrations in a most admirable manner that deserves commendation and I SALUTE YOU ALL.

As earlier stated in my correspondence on the #EndSARS protest, align my thoughts with your ability to galvanize one another to demand good governance.

It is an ongoing conversation which is feasible and you must be prepared.

The task ahead demands that you must continue to ask questions from your local, state and federal representatives until sustainable reforms are achieved and broader opportunities provided for the teeming youths within Ikorodu Federal Constituency.

For the rest of us, the agitations of the youth are our underlying demands too.

The reforms you demanded would not only benefit this
generation but the entire society. So, I salute your cooperation and endurance in this regard.

In my own capacity, I have also heard your agitations and will be swift in ensuring legislations and policies to support your demands and ensure they are facilitated to the best of my ability.

I remain yours in service and it is our desire to hand over to you and the next generation behind a united, better and peaceful Ikorodu Division.

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