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It is with glory to Almighty God that I joyfully welcome you to the unveiling ceremony of year 2020 Oga Day Logo. As you are all aware, the Oga day’s ceremony is a yearly event and today’s press briefing will be the 29 edition of the same.

You will agree with me that this yearly event has assumed a wider dimension and indeed part of Tourist attractions not only in Ikorodu Kingdom but also in Lagos State. At this point therefore, I have to use this opportunity to thank both indigenes and non-indigenes who have since the inception ot this yearly cultural activties been extending their moral & financial support to the success we have been recording in hosting the event.

Permit me also to use the medium to appeal to sons and daughters of this Kingdom who have not been identifying with this unifying event to please do so.

Flowing from the public announcement made by the PRO of the Association, I want to reiterate that this year’s event based on the prevailing circumstance not only in Nigeria but all over the world, will be marked though on a relatively low-key.

Unlike the previous years, this year will be without the usual glitz & glamour. We will however mark it with three events to keep the spirit of celebration alive.

The three major events are:

  1. Commissioning of Borehole/Generators for three Primary Schools. (Ikorodu Central, Ikorodu North and Ikorodu West)

2. Provision Uniforms/Bursary for indigent pupils within Ikorodu Community

3. Public Lecture with a theme entitled “Ikorodu-Double Pursuit of Socio-Economic and Political relevance” which will be held on the 21st Of November 2020 at Ikorodu Town Hall

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen the effects of the pandemic Covid-19 have been over whelming. The disease has redefined our socio-economic and even political lives and therefore our theme for this year event has been carefully chosen to be in sync with the mood of the Nation.

The Theme is


Culture should not be viewed from the narrow perspecive as culture is all embracing and defines the totality of our being. People usually think that when we talk of culture, it is restricted to dancing drumming and showcasing Our deities of a given Community, but it is in culture that ordinances and regulations are laid down for the social life of the Community.

It is our belief therefore that a reversion to our culture in terms of cleanliness, obeisance to Authority’s regulation, good neighborliness, love etc to mention a few will eventually
bring about an end to the scourge.

Distinguished Ladies & Gentlemen, as an Institution aimed at enhancing and upholding our culture, we will in our efforts continue to agitate for accelerated development to our
Community through our cultural heritage.

In line with or usual practice, every yearly celebration is marked with a special logo and today, distinguished ladies and gentlemen, we are here this morning to officially among
other things unveil the logo for year 2020 Oga day.

It is therefore, to the glory of God, service to humanity and pride in our culture and tradition, that I unveil today the Logo for year 2020 Oga Day.

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