In the clime of the season we have evolved, And in the atmosphere of transformation we are relieving the times and we must begin to remind ourselves what has made us what we are Today.

We have come soo far and actually it seems we are emerging victorious amidst a global pandemic which is very much still prevailing globally.

We have also encountered the fact that our youths are beginning to understand their strength through harmony.

One thing is obvious, it can only get better if we decide with one voice to overcome every obstacles we face Today.

while we await the return of law enforcement officers and the Lagos State Government to work together in the rebuilding of our beloved State.

We must now begin to embrace peace and discard violence of every form.

We must begin to create a safe environment for all our love ones to live in peace and tranquility.

We must begin to search deep down our innermost thoughts and result to making Ikorodu the ideal place for both Indigenes and non Indigenes alike.

We must now change the narrative that is to Say yes To Peace & Say No to scuffles and negative projections.

We have discovered that it is actually possible to make our desired change come to pass, So it is time for us to come to terms of short changing peace over everything that divides us.

The only history we will be noted for is that of unity and Prosperity, Peace and Progress. When we make Love the ultimate agenda, Development and growth is only a natural part of it.

I want to urge our youths across Ikorodu and Lagos State today to let Love lead the way. Let Peace be the talk of the day.

Together we shall make every of our dreams come true.



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