1 Dec 2023


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It has been observed with chagrin the seemingly act of neglect by your Administration against the indigenes of Ikorodu. As an Association established to advance the cause of the indigenes of this Division and indeed, the acceleration of development and progress of Ikorodu division, it would be a disservice and a dereliction of duty if we kept quiet over the serial neglect of the interest of the good people of this Division (Ikorodu).

Since the creation of the State in 1967 appointments have always been on the basis of the five divisions (IBILE) without making one division to enjoy more of Government’s patronage than the other.

However effective from year 1999, Ikorodu Division began to be treated as a pariah division that should not enjoy Government’s consideration for appointments and infrastructural development.

His Excellency will recall our last petition Ref: IKOD/09/19/Vol.2/05 of 20th December 2019 (copy attached for ease of reference) where we bitterly complained against the exclusion of an Ikorodu indigene on the Commission of Lagos State House of Assembly (LAHASCOM) but surprisingly and painfully too, our letter was regarded inconsequential to necessitate a judicious review of an action which tended to inflict injury on the psyche of our people. Our letter was like a child’s cry in the wilderness.

Mr. Governor will also please recall that Ikorodu Division has for ages been supporting the APC as a political party and its loyalty and commitment to the Party is surely not in doubt. The result of the last Gubernatorial election further attested to the unflinching support Ikorodu Division has been giving to the Party as it emerged third on the highest votes cast at the election.

With this unbroken records of impressive electoral performances, coupled with its population which is a valuable asset to any political Party; the support for this present Administration despite the poor recognition of our efforts by the immediate past Administration continues to rise.

It is therefore a matter of concern and utter astonishment when a Division with such incredible values to the party continually suffers in the hands of those who ought to know better.

While we will not like to bore you with details of some previous action which deprived the Division of its rights to membership of some Commissions in the State, I will wish to urgently apprise you of a replication of the unfair treatment on the membership of the Lagos State Local Government Service Commission where no indigene from this division was found worthy of consideration despite its richness in the area of human resource.

Democracy thrives on the rule of law and the absence of it brings forth impunity, unpredictability, confusion and anarchy. Democracy rests on the tripodal points of Justice, Equity and fairness.

In the words of a Democrat, it is Our conviction that “Natural or artificial entities must always conform with the dictates of law and that all acts and omissions of all persons must be in accordance with the rule of law. Institutions must carry out their responsibilities in accordance with the rule of law, that is, as spelt out in the law establishing the bodies”.

It is to be noted that the appointment and selection of nominees to Lagos State House of Assembly Service Commission and Lagos State Local Government Service Commission respectively is repugnant to natural justice and a violation of the FRN constitution as amended particularly section 14(4) which states that The composition of the Governm ent of a State, a local government council, or any of the agencies of such Governm ent or council or such agencies shall be carried out in such manner as to recognize and the conduct of the affairs of the Government or Council the diversity of the people within its area of authority and the need to prom ote a sense of belonging and loyalty am ong all the peoples of the Federation”

Your Excellency Sir, while we are not particularly concerned about who is nominated, it is only fair that Ikorodu Division as a Stake holder in the project called LAGOS as well as being favoured by the dictates of the law as referenced in the preceding paragraph should be represented on the Commission, failing which it will be assumed that it is a gradual and systemic arrangement to transfer the rights of Ikorodu division to other sections of the State.

Consequent on the foregoing, may I request the Governor to please note that Ikorodu Division is a stakeholder in the project, LAGOS Ikorodu Division for equity and justice should be represented on the Commission of Lagos State Local Government Commission.

This will be the third time in recent times Ikorodu Division will be deprived of its right to be on the membership of Government’s Commissions. Ikorodu’ agitation is based on rights as an integral part of the five divisions in the State. Our support for the party for the past years would be in vain if appointments & rights due to the Division legitimately are taken away from it.

Conclusively, while appreciating the independence of the three (3) arms of Government, the Governor remains the father of all and should in discharge of his duties ensure that justice is prevailed and that no section or Division of the State should be sacrificed at the expense of others.

While hoping and looking forward to the preservation of the rule of law as contained in FRN 1999 Constitution as altered, kindly accept the assurances of our highest regard to you and your esteemed office.

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