World Kindness Day is celebrated annually by the Guild which is aimed at supporting the needy and orientating the communities on the act of kindness as a positive way of living.

Hon Rotimi Balogun Joined force with the World Kindness Nigeria & The Kindness Guild Of Nigeria To Put Smiles On The Faces Of Residence in Ikorodu West LCDA On Friday The 13th Of November 2020.

The program which was hosted by the Higher Glory Ministry International, at Transformer Bus stop, Agbede, Ikorodu, Featured Free Health Talk, Medical Check Up, Free Food Items For the Less Privileged and a Public Lecture On Kindness/Opportunity To become World Kindness Member.

“Hon Rotimi Balogun Is a sympathizer and a grassroots lover, he came and Supported us to ensure that this course sees the light of day.

He is a pace setter in Ikorodu Division, also in Lagos State and in Nigeria”. Segun Samuel (Area Commander Kindness Guild Of Nigeria, Lagos State Chapter)

As we celebrate the world kindness day with you and give you the little that we have, It is our prayers that God will open more doors to everyone of us.

It is a good thing that the federal government has seen reason to identify with this annual support scheme Because this program is also simultaneously taken place in different states accross Nigeria Today.

And you must know that even though what we are given you today will not be enough, The significance of this program is to shine the light on the act of kindness which makes the world goes round.

Programs like this will give us reason to appreciate the little that we have.

There are people living around us that do not have anything to eat or even cater for their families.

The essence of this program is to make us understand that even putting a smile on people’s faces is an act of kindness which we must continue to practice at this time of our lives where things are not really working towards every of our expectations” Hon Rotimi Balogun

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