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The year 2020 like everyone never expected brought a paradigm shift to measures of accomplishing projects/programs across the world which includes Nigeria.

For this year’s Ikorodu Oga Development Association’s 29th Celebration, IKODASS took on a path which reflects a rude awakening towards key issues and in thus applied a template for viable growth and development beyond it’s regular traditional and Cultural displays of Arts and Tourism.

The Grand Finale of the 2020 Ikorodu Oga Day Celebration saw personalities, Stakeholders and Influencial individuals from within and outside Ikorodu graced the Ikorodu TownHall to mark 29th year of drastic changes beyond human measures, which prompted the leadership of the Association to organize an educational public lecture to Empower Stakeholders on issues affecting the entire Division, opening floor for suggestions and ways to provide adequate solutions to the plight of the Region in general.

The program kicked off with a special tribute to the Late Otunba Afolabi Gbadamosi (Former Chairman of IKODASS 2011-2015).

The public lecture which is tagged IKORODU-DOUBLE PURSUIT OF SOCIO-ECONOMIC AND POLITICAL RELEVANCE featured intellectuals and vibrant minds as it discussant: Ola Animashaun (Guest Speaker), Senator Seye Ogunleye, Dr Surajudeen Mudashiru (Associate Professor Dept. Of Political Science, LASU) & Comrade Lekan Billiamin Oba (Chairman National Youth Council Of Nigeria, Lagos State Chapter).

For the opening speech given by the chairman of Ikorodu Oga Development Association IKODASS Otunba Ganiyu Olusegun Obasanjo kindly peruse the link http://ikorodunewsnetwork.com/2020/11/22/otunba-ganiyu-abiru-local-government-chairmen-in-ikorodu-should-ensure-monthly-financial-support-is-allocated-to-the-vigilance-group-inn-nigeria/

It was followed by the guest speaker, Ola Animashaun who eloquently digested on the attendants the essence of the gathering, Relaying the topic: Ikorodu-Pursuit For Social-Economic And Political Relevance.

The audience was absolutely thrilled by his explanation as they kept clapping for his presentation afterwards. For the guest speakers presentation kindly peruse the link http://ikorodunewsnetwork.com/2020/11/21/ikorodu-a-double-pursuit-of-socio-economic-and-political-relevance-by-ola-animashaun-inn-nigeria/

After the guest speaker’s delivery the chairman of the public lecture, Chief Kunle Ade Wahab took the lecture a bit further by shedding light on issues faced by the division in it’s current phase of projection.

Overtime we have made some mistakes which I myself am part of, But going forward it is a thing of Positive Spirit that we must look beyond the defaults of the past and work together to synergize and ascertain a better results for the sake of our community, region and children.

“It is a regular phrase for us to say ‘Build The Youths & Build The Nation’ But in this clime it should be about Building Ikorodu Because there is alot we can achieve if we work together and insert Ikorodu on the map for a greater Good. Youths have an integral part to play in this situation and it’s time for us to be empowered for the giant strides that lies ahead of us” Comrade Lekan Billiamin Oba (Chairman National Youth Council Nigeria Lagos State Chapter)

“I Consider this Public Lecture a wake up call for both the leaders of Ikorodu and the youths in general. Sometimes we have to press for what we are already entitled to, The resolve from this program indicates that not only the Government is defaulting on it’s obligations towards Ikorodu, But also Ikorodu as a People is defaulting on some key areas to provide the solutions it needs. This will go a long way to Strengthen the region in terms of awareness and orientation” Dr. Suarjudeen Mudasiru (Associate Professor of Political Science LASU)

“In Pursuit Of Socio-Economic And Political Relevance Ikorodu Must Adopt Speaking Effectively In One Voice, We Should Not Laugh & Plan Together & Afterwards Do The Opposite Behind Eachother’s Back. We Must Be ready to stand together at all cost and push the same agenda if we intend to have a positive outcome in every of our endeavour to better Ikorodu Division” Aremo Adeniyi Ogunsanya

“There is Notting more powerful than speaking with one voice. In everything we quest and thirst for, it is obvious that why we mostly find ourselves behind the burner is because our collective Strength has not been felt yet. It is time for Ikorodu to wake up to the fact that unity is the way forward for us all. Let’s do away with pride and ego that doesn’t lead anywhere” Hon Rotimi Ogunleye

“We Have Weak Associations & Unions In Ikorodu, Put Together For No Visionary Course Or Projections, It Is My Take That They Should Be Integrated. Let’s also position our focus on those failing business running on Bad road areas like Agura-gberigbe and Ijede axis, How can they be sustained when too many factors are closing down the business?” SOK Shillings

“It is my Believe that this conversation must not end here, we must go back to the drawing board and ensure that most of the Challenges we have successfully highlighted here today be readdressed and worked on for the betterment of Ikorodu Division as a whole. It should be about the work now and not just talk” Hon Akewusola

“This is a welcome Initiative by IKODASS, Lectures like this will keep everyone focus on the daily issues affecting Ikorodu Division and also will give room to possible solutions. I think it should be consistent because a formidable Association like Ikorodu Oga is absolutely a great platform to present our economic strife to foster growth and development” Senator Seye Ogunleye

“No Doubt we have learnt alot today, looking at the different issues that was addressed and the suggestions made, The best way going forward is for us as Leaders to make Critical moves to see active remedy been put into play for our youths and Ikorodu in general. With everything we have experienced this year it is only right that we take the bull by it’s horn and get the job done for Ikorodu” Princess Folashade Olabanji-Oba (Vice Chairman Ikorodu LGA)

“As you can tell, For Ikorodu Oga Celebration this is a first of it’s kind. We decided to take this route to mark our 29th anniversary due to occurrences, climate and Challenges we are having today. Ikorodu is a major part of the IBILE that makes up the capacity of Lagos State, If we don’t start making our voices heard in the loudest way possible then it means we might be left behind.

We have also decided to use this public lecture to shine the light on the Security issues we’re facing Today. We are certain that if we continue to emphasize on this plights, Then the issue of Cultism in Ikorodu will go down the drain eventually” Otunba Ganiyu Olusegun Abiru (Chairman Ikorodu Oga Development Association IKODASS)

At the later of the Lecture, Discussants where honoured with awards for Participation and recognised for their intellectual Contributions to making the program a success presented by the Chairman of IKODASS.

For Highlights of Ikorodu Oga History Presented at the lecture kindly Peruse the Link http://ikorodunewsnetwork.com/2020/11/21/ikodass-highlights-of-ikorodu-history-inn-nigeria/

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