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Nov 27, 2020 ,

There was this time I visited the village, trying to be with nature and detox myself from city life, it was all peaceful until i heard my aunt shout, n’wa mu o (my son oh), we all went to the next compound to know what’s wrong.

I asked her what happened, she started with uncontrollable tears in her eyes, that Chima was very sick and she went and got malaria medication for him, that after giving it to him, his eyelids, hands and face started swelling, and he have since been so restless.

That we should help her, she can’t lose him, her only son.

It happened that she gave the little boy a dose meant for adults, so the boy was reacting to it i.e drug reaction, confirming it was an allergic reaction we were dealing with, i told her nobody is dying, that this is a small case, that the boy will be fine.

I do keep certain drugs around incase of emergency, so i went in and got “Chlorphenamine” (Piriton) and gave the boy a tab, it didn’t take long and he became restful and started sleeping, the swelling reduced and in about an hour time, he was totally normal.

I then educated them on the need of knowing the proper dosing, that the dosing for adult is different from that for children, that they should always make inquiries from wheresoever the get drugs about how to take it, that we thank God for how this turned out.

……that some might even be deadly.

Speak with your healthcare provider. Know the proper dose for you and your child. Read the leaflets that come with the drugs you buy to know more about the drugs and usage, you won’t just be saving your life but that of those you love and care about.

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