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Sanwo-Olu Movement Group, Tokunbo Abiru Movement, Ikorodu Division Women Heros, Progressive Mind Ikorodu Division, Abike Dabiri-Erewa Ladies, Jagaban Classical Babes, Asiwaju Ambassador Women’s Forum, Total Loyality Women Forum, Arewa Group, Change Alliance, Women In Politics, Igbo Movement, De Great Purpose Constructive & Who Is Who Women’s Forum were among the women group to grace this year’s 2020 International Day for Rural Women In Ikorodu Division.

The Event which was organised to showcase the passion and capacity of the 21st century Woman, Also displayed fashion at it’s best and elegance of different calibre across the Ikorodu Division.

It featured Lectures, Quiz & Accreditation of different female personalities in Ikorodu for their commitment and dedication to foster growth and development in the region.

The chief host of the event, Princess Folashade Olabanji-Oba Vice Chairman Ikorodu LGA/ National Deputy Chairman of Local Government Vice-chairmen ushered in guests and groups present, while Admonishing them on the essence of the Celebration.

Sometimes we don’t get celebrated for all that we do, we should know that as women we are nation builders.
The reason why we’re here today is to charge ourselves to take up the different life challenges all across the board.

All women are mother’s to the generation. We must leave this world better than we met it as we take charge & Be the reason that someone smiles.

CoVid-19 Pandemic has reshaped our world, But coming here today we are to celebrate every woman and girl-child all over the world because if we take care of today then Tomorow will take care of itself” Princess Folashade Added

Let us learn to co-operate and collaborate with the Government Wherever we find Ourselves. It is in harmony that we can get solution. The leadership of this great state is highly proactive and we appreciate Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu, The Executive Governor Of Lagos State For his Fervent and Hard-working Administration thus this far.

It is in togetherness we can build a better Nigeria”.

“Until your children are greater than you then you have not yet lived”, That was the voice of my late mother, she never went to school but she toiled to ensure that we had a better life than she did.

While we pray, we must also work hard. We should never despise the days of little beginning, We must take care of our youths and children.

That is why this program is not only meant to celebrate us as Mothers, It is also meant to remind us of our continuous Responsibilities to promote peace, tolerance and progress through our respective families.

100years from now we all shall not be here anymore but the word to ponder on is ‘What kind of legacy are we leaving behind for our children and next generation?’ This is why I pray today that God will grant every one of us the will power to cement a positive legacy and make not only Ikorodu Proud, But also Lagos and Nigeria as a whole.

Come on the 5th of December, I am very confident that women across Ikorodu Division will put their voice on their voters card as we make Successful our incoming Senator, Mr Tokunbo Abiru” Princess Folashade Olabanji-Oba

The climax of the program was a short lecture on ‘Good Health’ Rendered by Mrs Odebiyi Oghechi.

Women! we are the pillars of the society and any man that doesn’t agree with us is looking for trouble.

In all we do as we prepare for Bye elections on the 5th of December, We must ensure to Stay Healthy.

I worked with the orphans, widows and the vulnerables, one thing I have observed is that if we don’t take good care of ourselves we can die before our time.

My reason for taking this brief Lecture today is to tell us the need to adopt healthy lifestyle. As easy as it sound, it is very difficult to emulate (a healthy lifestyle).

We should ensure to take lemonade in the morning while preparing to go out and start our rigorous daily activities” Mrs Odebiyi Oghechi.

“We must eat right and Exercise our bodies, Constantly & effectively to ensure our blood regulate very well”.

Another thing that most of us are failing to do thinking it’s not important is Writting our will while we’re still alive. Ensure you appropriate your property to avoid the wrong set of people taking advantage of your wealth when you’re no more.

And lastly before I stop this Lecture, I want to urge everyone to Reconcile with anyone you have problems with. Resentment has created alot of problems for us overtime and has limited our pursuit of progressive goals in life.

Don’t forget that whenever you bring someone down, you’re also going down with them, With that said I want all of us as Mothers to learn to make our communities and Society a better place for everyone to live in, whatever becomes of our families it is obvious we have a hand in it” Mrs Odebiyi Oghechi Added

“The voice of a woman is stronger than the lion in the forest. In this era we are seeing more women taking the centre stage to effect transformation and Development. Today is very special to all of us and I am proud of every mother across Ikorodu Division for coming together to mark this special event.

Not forgetting that with a collective voice like this, we can make Ikorodu proud by coming out on December 5th to cast our votes and make Mr Tokunbo Abiru the Senator to represent the Lagos East” Mrs Adesewa Adebukola

“Without mixing words I want to Specially Appreciate Princess Folashade Olabanji-Oba for putting together such a wonderful program. Today is meant to celebrate our mothers all around the world” Mrs Lilian Obi

“Nomatter what you do, Developing yourself is the way forward for all ladies and women equally”.

“Today we are reminded that wherever we are is only a stepping stone to the next destination of glory.

Women have the potential to always set the pace in the community and society at large. For the volunteer women in Ikorodu, If we stand together no one can stop us, This is why we must come out in mass to show our support for Mr Tokunbo Abiru” Mrs Lilian Obi Added.

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