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Ikorodu News Network INN was at the official presentation of Ikorodu Diamond Lions Club 16th President as the club marks it 15th anniversary at Owode-Ibeshe in Ikorodu.

The event saw a triumphant transition of leadership with displays of commitments and fervent service to humanity despite a year plagued with Covid-19 Pandemic.

Addressing fellow lions and members present the Chairman of the day, Mr Olumuyiwa Ariyo (Deputy Managing Director, Mainstream Bank Limited) stressed the need for members to continue with the sole objectives of the club which is to serve and not be distracted.

“The way we carry ourselves and our willingness to help drives people to join this club. As a member of the rotary club we understand the significance of events like this and the need to support the goals and objectives of this club.

Members should not join the lions club because they want to start business. Service to humanity is the watchword here.
Your contribution to the societal growth is all that matters to the people.

As for the new incoming president I want to congratulate you on advance and wish you a wonderful tenure ahead” Mr Ariyo Olumuyiwa

The officiating Host Of The Program, TOS Adewunmi PMJF NLCF stated that the growth of the club is paramount to every members and understanding the essence of the club will create a clear path for extensive growth.

“While I want to earnestly thank everyone for their effort Sofar, let me categorically say it here that service to humanity has no limit, And that is what we have been thriving on for ages.

We must endeavour to support this district in all that they do. The essence of my speech is to advocate for collective responsibility” POS Adewunmi

Speech By Lion Helen Ufoma Onohwakpor (Immediate Past President).

I give all glory to Jehovah God almighty for giving this privilege to serve and also for availing me with the 3T’s to give my best, without him, it wouldn’t have been possible.

I would also like to appreciate my dependable, loving, ever caring, best friend, lover and spouse Engr C.M Kazie, my beautiful blessed children Kessiena, Oghenetaire, Precious, Regina and Emmanuel, and my parents Mr & Mrs Sunday Onohwakpe Support of my able club.

The love to serve humanity prompted me to join Lions Club. I came in contact with Ikorodu Diamond Lions Club at Ipakodo Primary school when the members of the club came to open the toilet project. I was 1st pinned 14/5/2015 and inducted on 1/11/2015.

Lions Club has motivated me to serve humanity. My humble contributions have been recognized with the following awards:
Special Appreciation Award by Lion Adewale  Michael 2015/2016 President Special Award by Lion Tajudeen Salawu 2016/2017.

Club Secretary 2017/2018, Club 1st Vice President 2018/2019, Region Secretary 2018/2019, District Top 10 Secretary Awards 2018/2019.

First Vice President 2018/2019 Club President Ikorodu Diamonds Lions Club2019/2020.
Region 4 Diabetes Coordinator 2020/2021.
At the club election in March 2019, club members consented by vote and elected me as their President for 2019/2020 Lions year.

I proceeded to train as a President at Regional Lions Leadership Institute (RLLI) training the Multiple Convention at Abeokuta, Ogun State in May 2019 and was certi sa President.

I resumed office as the 15th President o the lkorodu Diamond Lions Club on the 7th of July 2019 by chairing the 1st club business meeting for the 2019/2020 Lions year.

The meeting was called too order as scheduled at exactly 4pm.
July 10th 2019, Ikorodu Diamond Lions Club visited our Adult Literacy School Teachers to appreciate them and also gave them gift items.
July 25th 2019, Ikorodu Diamond Lions Club created awareness campaigning to adults around Ikorodu Garage and its environment distributing flyers inviting them to our school.

August 6th 2019, Ikorodu Diamond Lions Club nau cchool, Youth empowerment program at Keme Balogun 3e ht differetn School Club had our Owode/lbeshe road, lkorodu. The students were taught different skills acquisitions basic like baking, dress making, bead making, make-up and how to tie head gear and it was a success because the students made their own beads and also tied some gele.

September 22nd lkorodu Diamond Lions Club had a welcome back to school package where books, writing materials were distributed to pupils of ltowolo Primary School at Itowolo lkorodu road.
October 26th 2019, we had our sight project, Ikorodu Diamond Lions Club gave eye glasses to already screened members of Ikorodu community from last Lions year 2018/2019.
October 26th 2019, we also had a health talk on diabetes since it’s a major reason why people lose their sight.

Ikorodu Diamond Lions Club had the health talk at the Baale Oladiende Palace at lgbe Laara, igbe road, ljede, Ikorodu.
November 13 019, Ikorodu Diamond Lions Club had a joint project with ot ubs on Region 4 as a Region project.
It was an awareress campaign, screening and treatment of some diagnosed patients. Drugs where also given to the screened patients that need drugs, it was a huge project, where almost 1000 persons where served.

Also, that same November, 20th 2019 to be precise, it was the DG’s Visitation and our club presented reading glasses to screened members of Ikorodu community to mark our project for DG’s visit.
November 29th 2019, Ikorodu Diamond Lions Club amongst other club in the District participated in the Peace Poster contest and we were ably represented by our sponsoring school Jane-Nath College Secondary School Ebute lkorodu. Though our club did take 1st, 2nd or 3rd position but our art work spoke volume to portrayal world peace.

December 1st 2019, Ikorodu Diamond Lions Club had a nice time with our sponsoring Leo’s club, we eat and drank with them as they spent time with us at our Club BusinesS meeting and we gave them their grant of #50,000, which is an annual grant.

That same day we also gave our Adult Literacy School Teachers their salaries, a cheque of a #100,000 was given to them for their salaries (3months from 2017/2018 Lions year), (salaries 2018/2019 Lions year and also for my tenure 2019/2020.

January 9th 2020, Ikorodu Diamond Lions Club paid a visit with food terms such as bag of rice, bag of garri, other food item, bags of felly used cdlothes and flasks to the children department of Owutu Rehabilitation Center, Agric Ikorodu and we also spent quality time dancing, singing and playing with the children, it was great fun time.

February 4th 2020, Ikorodu Diamond Lions Club, joined other clubs to have a Pediatric Cancer awareness campaign, where measures on how to curb this cancer eating deep into the lives of our younger children.

February 11th rodu Diamond Lions Club had our Read Action Program at Imota Community Primary School. For pupils from primary’s 3-6 and also the program was a reading 1st 3 best Yorute. Gifts were given to 1st -3rd positions from primary’s 3-6, prices of text books and writing materials were given to the pupils.

May 9th 2020, Ikorodu Diamond Lions Club spent the Lions Day providing food especially in this Covid 19 pandemic period proving food stuffs to the Child Life Line Orphanage Home at Owode/lbeshe road. Items like bag of rice, bag of garn, tubers of yams, packs of pasta, cartons of detergent soaps.

June 9th 2020, Ikorodu Diamond carried out her core project for 2019/2020 Lions year by doing a cataract operation for Imole, an orphan who lost her sight/vision from birth at Ajayi Medical Hospital, Ikorodu.
Same day, we also presented a braille bible for the blind to the Ikorodu general Library, Beach road Ikorodu as our donation to the Library for the visually impaired.
We also had an eye check for Aisha a 17yrs partially blind orphan from Child Life Line Orphanage at Ajayi Medical Center, Itunpate,

Speech By Lion Isola Oladimeji Musfiu NLCF President Ikorodu Diamond Lions Club 2020-2021

With a heart full of gratitude to Almighty God for His love and mercy over our lives.
“How far that little candle throws it’s beams! So shines a good deed in a weary world” William Shakespeare qoute in his book “The merchant of Venice ‘aptly captures the effect of a little kindness shown towards humanity.

The world today is full of lost hope and despair for a decent living. It’s a world wherein many people cry for help to feed once a day, and yet the very busy affluent are simple either of the call or they are simple not bothered by the need to give a helping hand.

I appreciate my parent for standing by, other family members, bosses at work for their support, also to my better half for her understanding my imperfections.

I started as a Leo (The you wing of lions club international) 21 years ago, and served as the clubs Director of finance in the year 2002/2003 and I appreciate some leaders too, who are mentors and also former Leos, PDG TOS Adewunmi, Lion (Prince) Adetunji Oredipe ‘striker ‘and Lion Oluwasegun Seriki Henry.

Lions club international is a humanitarian service club whose aim is for humanity service for the poor, needy as well as render community service, with membership over 4.5 million and over 45,000 Clubs worldwide, with its headquarters in Oakbrook USA.

Lion King, Number one Lion in Africa, PID H.O.B Lawal, I appreciate the body gesture for his fatherly role, Thank you sir.
Today I am overwhelmed with honor and privilege to welcome you, our guest, well wishers, Lions and Leos to my publiC presentation as the 16th president of our great club for 2020-2021 Lions year, and 10,000,000 million fund raising for the club’s capital project.

Also l’m truly elated with this opportunity conferred on me by the club to pilots the club’s affairs for this Lion year, especially when it is evident that I am not alone in the  journey, as my craving for service has found a resting place in the heart of like ones, that are heterogeneous scattered across the globe, and most importantly present in the investiture.

It is on this note that I welcome you all to today’s humble gathering that is solely aimed at fundraising and the installation of the new elected executive officers of the club. More so, it is the club’s 16th year anniversary of unflinching, untiring, unbroken service and dedication to the cause of humanity and community.

At this juncture permit me to outline the proposed projects that the club intends to execute for 2020-2021 Lions service year.

They include but not limited to the following:

1. 20 water boreholes construction (core project)
2. Free eye screening/tree eye glasses
3. Free cataract surgery for 20 patients
4. School sandals for sandaless children
Rehabilitation of Clubs legacy project ( 6 Units Toilet
5. blook at Local Government Primary School, Ipakodo, lkorodu, Unit for Pupils for special Needs)
6. Youth empowerment program
7. Adult iteracy class/campaign (Legacy project)
8. Environmental service/Tree planting
9. sign board/ statue
10. Peace poster contest among schools.

On this note I humbly appeal to you Our guest to join us in making impact in the lives of the les privileged in our Society by donating qenerously to our course, so we can touch more lives together specially recognize my club members for their support and commitment.

No doubt, the resources we have all invested in the club are unquantifiable, yet we seek no praises. So when we hear the clarion call for selfless service, whatever the condition maybe, whether harsh, cool or warm? It should be met with a conviction ruled by Continuous and resilient dedication to the system that is built on selfless service.

This is the spirit of the Lions, it is the Will power embedded in our slogan “In Lionism…. We serve”. In this regard, I will like to invite more hands to join us on this noble journey.
The support of my wife Also, I humbly Appreciate my family, the Akande family, (Ariyo Qudirat) family, home and abroad for their understanding and support, most importantly my friends, l’m truly greatfull to you all.

The Leadership was subsequently changed from Lion Helen Ufoma Onohwakpor to Lion Isola Oladimeji Musfiu officially.

It should also be noted that the 15th Anniversary of the Ikorodu Diamond Lions Club saw all Active President, who are still members of the Club Honoured with the “Most Active President” Award.

Awards of Application were also issued to some Leaders who stood by the Club in all ramifications.

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