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20201211 115543 collage Staying dedicated to kingdom interest (PST. Paul ENENCHE)

Staying dedicated to kingdom interest (PST. Paul ENENCHE)

To be dedicated is to be committed to a cause.
It is to be devoted.
It is to be donated.

Ex 32:26, Gen 49:5-7 The levites broke a curse through their dedication to God.
One singular action of standing with God will cause u to standout in life.

Number 25:6-8,13 Phinehas Turned the wrath of God away from the children of Israel through his dedication.

1 sam17:26, ps 132:1‐5 David Became a trans generational figure, a king, priest, inventor through his dedication Ps 121:1, 42:1, 1 chron23:1

Zachariah and Elizabeth
Lk1:5-13 Their dedication stopped their frustrations because their frustrations couldn’t stop their dedication.

John The Beloved
John 19:25-27 JESUS gave John a foresight into what will transpire at the end of time because of his unusual dedication.

Dividend of dedication

  • It establishes the seal of divine ownership of the dedicated. Male 3:16-18 Gal6 :17
  • It brings distinction.
  • It guarantees protection. Mal3:17 Gen20:6,3
  • It is key to divine favors. Ps 102:4
  • It is key to the blessings of God. Ex23:25
    If u give God your service He gives you His blessings.
  • It is key to divine health and vitality. John 15:2, Ex 23:25
  • It brings deliverance in life. Ex4:23
    When you are ready to serve, you are ready to go.
  • It is key to all round fruitfulness. Ex23:26,
  • It is key to answered prayers. Ps102:13-17, John 15:16 There are prayers that only dedication can answer.
  • It is key to the fulfillment of days. Ex23:26 No devil can take you out if God needs you here on earth.
  • It is gateway to honour and promotion in the kingdom prov 27:18.
    The honour of the master naturally robs off on the servant Ex33:11
  • It imparts unusual ability and releases potentials. 1 tim1:12,

Your Dedication to God don’t just affect you, it also affects your lineage.

Demands of dedication

  • Genuine passion and love for God. Rom12:11, ps 69:9
  • Genuine joy and excitement. Rom 14:17, ps100:2
  • Genuine fear and reverence for God.
  • Prompt and timely obedience to instructions. Gen12:1-5, 22:23
  • Brutal commitment and total abandonment. Acts 20:20

Dimensions of dedication

  • Unashamed public representation of the kingdom. A God glorifying life dan6:4-5, Mk 8:38
  • Kingdom advancement praying and intersection matt6:10, dan9:2 Lk 2:37
  • John 15:1-3 evangelism and soul winning endeavours.
  • Kingdom promotion giving and sacrifices. Lk 7:8,
  • Ps 84:10 In house service.
    Lk1:5 Sitting in the church as an executive Christian, places a limit on you.

Engaging the Masterkey to a world of Supernatural Turnaround (By PST. David Oyedepo Jr.)

What is The Worth of an Encounter?

Eccl 9:11Theres no greater opportunity in destiny like an encounter with God. 1 sam 3:21, The beginning of every great destiny starts with an encounter with God.

2cor3:18 Every encounter with God will always provoke a change of story.

Gen12:1- 3 From one encounter with God his story changed forever.
Gen 13:1-2, 14:14-20, 24:1 He became the description of blessings. Gal 3:13-14
Isa 51:1-3, one encounter brought abraham to eternal relevance.

Gen 26:2-4, 12-14, 16-30 His life started with an encounter. It is encounters that make life to count. Promises are things that have ability to happen. It is an encounter that provokes the ability inside of you.

He was a man on the run. Gen 32:24-28
Men can hide, but nations can’t hide. Jacob became a nation.

A mighty man in word became traumatised and began to stammer.
Deut 34:10-13 But by one encounter, his story changed.

Hid himself because of the terrorism of the medianites judges 6:12-16.
He became a mighty man of valour by one encounter.

Lk 5:1-5 He was a frustrated fisherman.
He became a rock and a leading apostle by one encounter. Dan 11:32,
He operated in realms that was unheard of.

2 cor 12:1 He was a terror to the kingdom.
Encounters made a difference in his life and destiny acts 14:11, 19:14-15
He ended up a terror to the kingdom of darkness.
God will give you visitations through any Avenue, so be watchful.

Nothing will ever compare with a believer that have a personal encounter with God.

Effects of a Genuine Encounter with God.

  • It strengthens our faith. Rom 4:20-21
    You don’t waver in your positioning with God. Rom10:17,
  • Rom 4:17-18 it strengthens our confidence in God.
  • It makes us unshakable in our walk with God. Rom 4:20, 1 cor15:58
  • It keeps us focused. 1 cor 9:16-17 , acts 20:24
  • It opens a new chapter to the life of any believer. 2 cor3:18 There are continuous change with continuous encounters.

Dimensions through which Encounters Manifest :

  • It brings direction. Gen 12:1
  • It brings instructions. 2 Tim 3:17
  • It brings reproof. Stopping us
  • It brings corrections.
  • John 1:9 it brings illumination.

Prompt Response, A Requirement for Maximizing Encounters With God (PST. David Ibiyomie

Prompt response means a timely adherence to God’s instructions. John 5:1-5
Life becomes very sweet when you become very swift with God’s instructions.
Fasting and praying without obedience will lead to religious fatigue.
Ex 19:5


  • No situation can change until God is promptly obeyed.
  • Understand divine timing. It is not who prays for you, but your heart engaging the covenant.
  • Crowns also change heads. When you mess up, someone else will warm up to take your position. When you ask God for a miracle, He gives you an instruction that you must respond promptly to.
    Number 23:19-20
  • Prompt response leads to distinction. Jer 7:23-24 Always look at for where you have disobeyed when things are not working. When you do things your own way you go backwards.

Things to know About prompt Response

  • It is doing anything God commands you to do regardless of the cost or feelings. John 14:15
  • 1john 2:3 it proofs that we know Him
  • God will not accept anything as a Substitute for your prompt response
  • Delayed response is the reason for poverty.
  • Your prompt response is the proof of your love for God. John 14:21-24
  • God can’t bless you beyond your last obedience. Josh 7:10-12 The moment you do what is wrong the blessings stop.

Isa 51:1-3 Abraham obeyed promptly.
Gen 12:1-4 When things are not working, check were you are disobeying.
Gen 22:2-18 Everytime you respond, God shows you a deep revelation.
Everytime you obey, God brings your miracle to you. Gen 24:1

Why People Don’t respond promptly.

  • Ignorance
  • Lack of faith heb11:6
  • Tradition Mk 7:13
  • They put their trust in man. Jer 17:5 When you put your trust in men to help you you don’t respond promptly.

Benefits of Prompt Response

  • It makes God respond positively to you. 1 John 3:22
  • You enjoy promotion. Phil 2 :8-9, 12
  • It provokes miracles. John 2: 4
  • It guarantees Breakthroughs. Lk5:4-7
  • It provokes all round blessings. Deut 28:1-2

John 5: 8 You can’t have an encounter with the messiah and your life will be messed up.

Crave Access To Rhema from The Word (By Bishop David ABIOYE)

Isa 42:18- 22 Deafness and blindness are the 2 greatest plague of the believer.
Blindness and deafness brings people into stagnation.
Satan will do anything to block you from seeing and hearing what God is saying.
Prov 20:12, God communicates to us through voices that we can hear and things that we can see. 2 cor 4:4

What God shows to us is what turns us into a showpiece to our world.
Acts 16:14 that you don’t see or hear doesnt make God less honourable, the fault is wholly yours.
Destiny is at a risk and a lockdown without a clear voice from the Lord.
It is was the voice that JESUS heard that made Him a voice. He was limited in the world until His word came.
Lk 3:21-22, 9:35

The ability to hear GOD’S voice is our capital spiritual asset in the journey of life.
Ps 29:3-11 The voice of the Lord is the Rhema of the Lord.
Dan 2:38 When you hear what God is saying and see what He’s showing your confidence and trust in Him is strengthened Ex14:16
Micah 6:9 The Lord’s voice, opened the red sea. When the voice of the Lord comes to you everything bows to you.

What is Rhema?
We have the written word and the spoken word which is the spirit of the Lord. 2cor 3:6, Isa 34:16
GOD’S word is the spirit of God in a documented book.
Everyone have access to the book but very few have access to the spirit of the book.
Rhema is personal. Matt 16:17
What God shows and reveals to you is what shows and reveals you to your world.

Don’t try to show yourself, let God show you something that will show you to your world.

What are the access to Rhema.

  • Dan 9:2 Studying and Meditating.
    Those who are lazy readers will always lack Rhema. 2 Tim 3:16-17
    Rhema is a personal revelation from God to you. Dan 2:19, col 3:3

When you get your spiritual revelation, you can no longer be stranded. John 14:26
Reading and studying enhances our capacity for Rhema.

  • Jer 33:3 Prayers and Fastings. We are made Lk 3:21-22, 4:14-20
    You fast for God to open your eyes for your light to break forth. You find Rhema when your eyes open.
    If people don’t look at you don’t bother, just focus on the word of God.
    Concerning everything that we do, there’s something written.

Mindset to access Rhema.

  • Understand that it is your redemptive right to access Rhema. Mk 4:1, John 10:4, 27
  • Meekness. Consider yourself as a learner 1cor 8:2, ps 25:9, num 12:3, Ex 24:39
  • Live in the fear of God as a lifestyle. Ps 25:14, Dan 9:11
  • Be spiritual. Rev 1:10, 4:1-2, gal 5:25
  • Delightsomely Crave for the word. Ps 112:1-2. Be eager to hear His voice.

How to create the atmosphere for hearing God’s voice.

  • Atmosphere of worship and praise.
    acts 14:2, Isa 30:29-30 Your voice of praise must go up for His atmosphere or presence to come down.
  • Meditation. Josh 1:8, acts 10:19-20
    When you have rhema you become intoxicated
  • Quiet moment. 1kgs 19:12, 1 thes 4:11

Two Quiet seasons to take advantage of:

The night season and the morning season Ps 16: 7, 43:8
If you don’t have anything at night and morning get ready for failure in the afternoon.

What are the signs of Rhema

  • You are joyful Ps 89:15
  • Peace. Ps 85:8
  • It comes with inner strength.
    Anything you fear to announce you’ve not heard from God. Judges 6:14

short charge by Bishop David Oyedepo

Behind every statement of scriptures is the voice of God. Jer 29:11
Deut 8:18 rhema is what God means behind the scriptures. Rhema is the voice of the author sounding behind the word.
You can’t hear 2 things at the same time.

We need discipline to access the voice of the great God. Isa 34:16

No matter what have invested, making a turn from the mistake shouldn’t be a problem. 2 chron 25:9, We you hear from God mockery shouldn’t disturb or distract you.

We also hear the voice of the Lord behind anointed book. John 16:12-14

The bible is God dictated and men documented.

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