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Ikorodu Division Youth Initiative Organises it’s 2nd edition of Ikorodu Division Youth Empowernment & entrepreneurship development workshop 2020.

The program was put together to Empower youths across Ikorodu Division and was powered by the Commissioner For Agriculture in Lagos State, Ms Abisola Ruth Olusanya.

Segmented into three phases, the empowernment program is slated to cater for a vocational training, farming and Entrepreneurs.

In the opening, Comrade Samson Bisiriyu (Executive Director of Ikorodu Division Youth Initiative) Stated the essence of the gathering to all participants which is purely for empowernment purposes.

“We as youths in Ikorodu must ensure to transform the state of our region by cashing in on empowernment programs like this to further better the growth phase of this great region.

There are alot of requirements needed (including LASRAA & voters Card) in order for you to benefit, which will be Unveiled as we progress, But one thing is certain, Your coming here today means you have decided to be a change maker in your endeavours for the progress of Ikorodu and not succumb to social vices” Comrade Samson Added

It started with a workshop as Facilitator Mrs Adeola Onabajo trained the Participants on vocational skills acquisition

While Agriculture was facilitated by Mr Toye Fajimi respectively In the first section.

Also present was Miss Ulieh Fortress Whom was Empowered a day prior to the program with a sewing machine by the Commissioner For Agriculture Ms Abisola Ruth Olusanya on the 18th of December 2020 through the Ikorodu Division empowernment scheme.

After the first section of Empowernment, A Recognition was given to both Facilitators by Dr Abiodun Abatan Fatai (Chairman IDYI) & the director general of icare Foundation Mayor Deen Sanwo-Ola who subsequently drove the empowernment program into it’s second phase as he Orientated the Participants on Becoming a better Entrepreneurs.

“If you want to succeed as an entrepreneur then you must be ready to be a problem solver. Providing solutions to problems as an entrepreneur gives you an absolute edge in the world of competition” Deen Sanwo-Ola

“There’s always one problem or the other in your environment, As an entrepreneur find one and proffer solution to it.” Mayor Deen Sanwo-ola

Hon Azeez Olosugbo came in the later part of the program to empower the Participants On the Importance on Advancing investment on Agriculture.

“With what we see today Happening to our Economy, it is not to be a reminder that alot of Youths should be cashing into Agriculture. It is not a Layman’s venture, The agricultural niche is lucrative, significant and rich for longevity

“Starting from where you are might look exhausting and time constraining, But Good things comes with time and commitment. You can’t work and not reap in due season”

“It is not just about having a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Accounts, It is your access to key Informations that gives you capacity to grow in your field of endeavour” Mr Azeez Olosugbo Added

In closing Dr. Abatan Fatai Abiodun (Chairman IDYI) thanked every Participants present Admonishing them on the need to stay zealous in order thrive on the various skills acquired.

“You have been trained so go all out to utilise your skills. It is time to show and prove. Internalise the training you got and improve yourself”.

“It can only be significant that we have had this program and there are evidence of successful youths emerging from this platform annually.”

I really appreciate every one of you for coming out to encounter our 2nd edition to the growth of Ikorodu Division in general”

Mayor Deen Sanwo-ola is a mastermind which we can always rely on at any point in time to grow our young minds and we are deeply grateful for his support and show of commitment to this course” Dr. Abatan

Hon Olosugbo is the face of the youth in Ikorodu and we really appreciate his tenacity to grow the young minds” Dr Abatan Added

Every Participants was issued certificate of participation which automatically qualifies them to further reap from the empowernment program after extensive training.

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